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With every purchase at Wiresoft you support the Kinderschutzbund.

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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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Devices 1x
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System  32bit/64bit

Windows 10 offers opposite simpler versions of this operating system a clear at -functions, which are meant particularly for professional users as well as enterprises of small and middle size. 10 offers here among other things features like the group policy management, a domain accession, BitLocker, the enterprise mode for the Internet Explorer EMIE as well as a remote desktop app and a Hyper-V- . All this and more is presented by 10 in a modern, user-friendly interface with the typical tile look, which can be customized with further functions. Behind this is a technology that can also be used on older end devices, which is an economic advantage for companies in particular. 10 uses " Hello", the biometric user authentication, for secure logon and offers many other functions that improve data protection. Professional Plus Business Windows ProClient Windows Pro WindowsMicrosoft

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Windows 10 Pro - the powerful version of the proven Microsoft operating system

Compared to simpler versions of this operating system,Windows 10 Professional offers a clear plus in business functions, which are primarily intended for professional users and small and medium-sized businesses. Windows 10 Pro offers features such as group policy management, domain joining, BitLocker, the corporate mode for Internet Explorer EMIE, a remote desktop app and a Hyper-V client.

Windows 10 Pro presents all this and more in a modern, user-friendly interface with the typical tile look that can be customized with additional features. Behind this is a technology that can also be used on older end devices, which is an economic advantage especially for companies.

Windows 10 uses "Microsoft Hello", biometric user authentication, for secure logon and offers many other functions that improve data protection.

The purchase of Windows 10 Pro Edition has the great advantage that this operating system also supports older hardware, which is a decisive factor for many users. In the Wiresoft online shop you can buy Windows 10 Pro as a purchase version, other Windows editions and many other Microsoft programs. The following overview presents the most important novelties of Windows 10 Pro.

Overview to the special functions of Windows 10 Pro

Compared to simpler editions such as Windows Home, Windows 10 Pro offers a number of additional features and tools that are especially important for businesses because they affect the security of both endpoints and data. Administrators can use it to manage Group Policy and user accounts, and even configure individual devices for use and protect them from malware attacks.

Another component of Windows 10 Pro is the Remote Desktop to remotely control computers over the network. Users of Windows 10 Pro can also connect their end device to the Microsoft Azure Active Directory and thus use the Microsoft Business Store. Here companies can purchase and use many applications for all users in the company. Full details of Windows Professional are provided below.

Management of Group Policy via the Editor

With the gpedit.msc editor included in the Windows 10 Pro version, local group policies can be set and managed. In the new version, it can be used to control the installation of updates according to defined rules, which can also be enforced. Further editor features are the setting of the so-called Compliance Deadline, the time at which a certain update has to be installed at the latest, which can be differentiated between feature updates, quality updates and non-OS updates. In addition, the editor is also used to centrally configure and activate storage sense - which is used, for example, to automatically delete unnecessary files.

Remote access function via Remote Desktop App

With the Remote Desktop App, users can connect to and use their computer from another PC, tablet, or smartphone from a remote location as if they were sitting in front of it. Through the RDS gateway, the desktop interface of the local PC is displayed.

Domain Join

Especially company PCs often belong to a certain domain in the Active Directory to simplify the management of individual devices as well as user accounts. With Windows 10 Pro, this is possible via the Domain Join feature; alternatively, the touch-optimized version is also available for corresponding end devices.

Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE)

The Enterprise Mode available with Windows 10 Professional reduces compatibility issues with mostly older Web Apps. The improved app and website compatibility allows them to run unchanged, and the tool-based management of website lists - the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager - offers various options for individual domains, including rendering.

Secure hard disk encryption with BitLocker

Mobile devices such as tablets and laptops can be quickly stolen or lost. Even more painful than the loss of hardware is usually the loss of sensitive or personal data that was stored locally. To prevent these from falling into the wrong hands and being misused, they can be securely encrypted with the BitLocker integrated in Windows 10 Pro.

BitLocker can also be activated on a local PC to protect data from unauthorized access. PCs running Windows 10 Pro must be equipped with a TPM chip in the motherboard, otherwise BitLocker must be enabled separately.

And with the "BitLocker To Go" tool, USB sticks and external hard drives can also be encrypted.

Windows Defender System Guard

The Defender System Guard (WDSG) integrated in Windows 10 Professional is an additional layer of protection that protects the operating system from attacks at startup when the other virus protection programs are not yet activated. Windows Defender also protects against bootkits and rootkits as well as attacks that are not yet detected by standard virus scanners.

Kiosk mode

The Kiosk Mode - also called Assigned Access 8.1 - regulates on a Windows 10 PC, which is used by several users, that they can only use certain functions and programs by setting up a Kiosk user account - also called "assigned access" - for each authorized person. The app preset by the administrator is already activated when logging in. Depending on the settings, the logged-in user can then only use the Internet or the music program, etc.

Enterprise Data Protection

Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) is also a feature of Windows 10 Pro that can be used together with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution such as Microsoft Intune or System Center Configuration Manager. The advantage of EDP is, on the one hand, the separation of private and business data on a laptop, the latter then remaining secured via Active Directory rights management, even if it is moved to another location or sent by e-mail. Administrators can also use EDP to prevent apps that are classified as insecure from being installed on them, as well as to prevent certain actions by a user.

Intelligent Security Graph (ISG)

This intelligent preventive protection also protects Windows 10 Pro from the latest malware threats. The Intelligent Security Graph (ISG) analyzes existing security measures in a company network and suggests suitable improvements or solutions in case of detected deficiencies.

Hyper-V Client

The Hyper-V technology included in Windows 10 Professional allows you to run multiple operating systems in a separate virtual machine (VM). The advantage of the Type 1 hypervisor used for this is, among other things, that the virtualization of one or more servers makes better use of the available storage space. The cooperation of Hyper-V with Windows has positive effects on dynamic memory management, so that several VMs can run in parallel without problems. Current system states can be saved as hibernation states and a complete system image is also supported by the Hyper-V client, so that it is possible to return to an earlier system state without much loss of time.

Access to Windows Business Store

Under Windows 10 Pro, companies also have access to the Windows Business Store and can integrate the Azure Active Directory into their network. Using the directory service, these companies can purchase software products for all end devices in a network and implement them centrally.

Other important general features and functions of Windows 10 editions

The following features of the Windows 10 operating systems are improvements to existing features as well as new additions that provide users with an even better and more secure experience:


The already well-known language assistant Cortana is activated by default in Windows 10 and can be reached at any time either via the search bar or on call. However, it can also be deactivated on mobile devices, either for reasons of data protection or to conserve battery power.

Windows Hello

Passwords are goodbye - because Windows Hello is a secure alternative for logging on and authenticating yourself on a PC or other end device: Most newer end devices that have a fingerprint reader support Windows Hello. Alternatively, the program also offers face recognition via a lock screen to log on locally or to an account on the Web.

Snap Assist

In Windows 10, Snap Assist offers a practical window management system that provides a better overview on the screen, making the best use of the available display area. With Snap Assist, two windows - and with the new Corner Snap function even up to four windows - can be used simultaneously without having to click between them, for example when using the Internet while writing.

The Snap Assistant also shows which other programs are currently active and now supports multiple screens.


As the name of the function suggests, the Continuum function allows you to continue working on a smartphone or tablet just like on your local Windows PC - no matter where you are. The virtual keyboard can be used to access all functions, such as using the Internet, sending e-mails or using the Microsoft Office App. The usual smartphone or tablet functions and services are still available as usual. Continuum allows switching from desktop to tablet mode and back again during operation without having to restart Windows each time. The desktop display is automatically adapted to the other format.

Windows Information Protection

Windows Information Protection (WIP) in Windows 10 is the current name of the previous Enterprise Data Protection - EDP - a technology to protect against data leaks, which at the same time does not restrict the work on the Windows PC for users. WIP also protects corporate data and apps from loss - both on private and corporate devices.

Admins can use AppLocker to determine which applications and programs individual users are allowed to use and the Encrypting File System - EFS - to protect data from theft and manipulation. For even more comprehensive protection, WIP can also be combined with Windows Azure Rights Management.

Hardware requirements for installing Windows 10 Pro

For Windows 10 Pro to run smoothly on a local PC or laptop, the hardware must meet certain requirements. Windows 10 Pro is still available in a 32-bit and 64-bit version, but on a newer computer, the 64-bit version should be installed to take full advantage of all programs and apps. The following basic technical requirements must be met by a computer when installing Windows 10:

  • Processor or SoC (System-on-a-Chip - on mobile phones): at least 1 GHz
  • RAM: min. 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB RAM for 64-bit operating system
  • Hard disk space: at least 16 GB for 32-bit or 20 GB for 64-bit operating system
  • Graphic: Display 800 x 600, DirectX 9 or higher with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Cortana speech recognition: Hi-Fi microphone array

BuyWindows 10 Pro cheap at Wiresoft in our online shop

Windows 10 Pro from Microsoft is offered in conventional trade as a single license at a not inconsiderable price. In the Wiresoft online shop you can buy Windows 10 Professional as a single user license much cheaper than used software - with the same range of functions.

The reason: The license of the Windows 10 Pro Edition available here is mostly part of a volume license that was previously used by a company. When this volume license was legally resold, it was dissolved and converted into single licenses, which are then called used software. However, this division or designation as used software has no effect on the functionality of the Windows 10 Pro operating system software.

Buying software from Wiresoft: always safe! The Windows 10 Pro operating system software is not only available in the Wiresoft shop at a particularly favourable price - your purchase is also convenient due to instant download and safe: Because Wiresoft only sells Windows 10 Professional as a version identical to the original Microsoft product. You can install your Windows 10 Pro license on a PC immediately after successful completion of the purchase and download and activate it with the included valid volume license key.

The purchase of Windows 10 Pro as used software in the Wiresoft software shop does not represent any legal risk for you, because the trade with used software is legally permitted, this has also been confirmed by numerous legally binding judgements.

By purchasing used software from Wiresoft, our customers have a favourable opportunity to use the Windows 10 Professional Edition themselves. Especially small companies, but also self-employed persons as well as private persons benefit from our inexpensive software offer!

In the Wiresoft software shop you will find Windows 10 Pro as well as other Windows versions and programs from Microsoft as low-priced purchase version for download. If you have any questions about this or any other Microsoft software, simply use our competent advice in the chat or by e-mail or telephone.

Customer evaluation for "MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 PROFESSIONAL"
Dec 2, 2020

Everything works fine

I bought the license in Christmas deal for ~7 euro. Upgrade from home to pro went without the issues also the key was activated without any problem. Thank you and I do recommend !

Jan 11, 2020


Über Weihnachten die Aktion genutzt Win 10 Pro gekauft. Heute nach Einbau neuer geklonter SSD Win 10 Pro installiert.
Kleine Probleme bei der Aktivierung des Schlüssels.
Das Upgrade ist offenbar nicht mit jedem OEM-Schlüssel reibungslos möglich. Sollte Windows sich beschweren, dass ein Product Key nicht geeignet sei, hilft Folgendes: Microsoft hat einen generischen Product Key veröffentlicht, mit dem man eine Home- wie beschrieben auf eine Pro-Edition anheben kann: VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T
Mit diesem Key kann man Windows 10 Pro allerdings nicht aktivieren. Dazu nach Pro-Upgrade nochmals wie im Artikel beschrieben zu dem erworbenen OEM-Key wechseln und Windows damit aktivieren.
Wenn es da immer noch Probleme gibt:
Falls der generische Key nicht funktioniert:

1. Netzwerkverbindung trennen, so dass der PC offline ist
2. VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T eingeben
3. Upgrade fertigstellen lassen
4. Netzwerkverbindung wiederherstellen
5. OEM-Key eingeben und aktivieren
Damit hat es denn endgültig funktioniert ohne Win 10 Pro komplett neu zu instzallieren

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