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Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard It is of particular importance for your company to...mehr

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard

It is of particular importance for your company to have flexible communication channels between employees and customers at all times. In particular, secure e-mail traffic, appointment coordination, task completion and reliable contact management are of primary importance. In this case, the software solution Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard can be recommended for small to medium-sized companies, but also for homeOffice users. With it, you get an all-round carefree package, which relieves you of many everyday tasks in the area of communication. Even the previous version of 2016 was a groundbreaking success. Now you can benefit from the latest 2019 version with improved performance.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard?

Microsoft Exchange has been around since 1996. This has been continuously adapted to meet the needs of businesses since version 4.0. While the Enterprise version is aimed at larger companies, authorities and institutions and provides a larger scope of email mailboxes and databases, the Standard version is perfectly sufficient for many operational areas. With this version, the various transport routes are brought together in the so-called mailbox server role. This includes
- Exchange Transport,
- Mailbox Transport Submission,
- Mailbox Transport Delivery and
- frontend transport.

Thanks to this bundling, your CPU performance will be greatly facilitated. Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard is a server software that runs on all major web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, or Microsoft Edge.

You have up to five databases available per server, acting as active or passive mailbox databases. Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard is used with the help of the proven client software Microsoft Outlook. In addition, the scope of delivery also includes the web application Outlook on the Web. While the active database is used for incoming and outgoing mail, there is also the passive database for backup and restore. For smaller businesses and homeOffice the five databases provided are perfectly sufficient.

What is meant by intelligent inbox?

Basically, the intelligent inbox makes your business more productive. Not only can it be personalized, but it also provides an efficient search function. Here, you can not only search for important emails faster, but also for contacts, appointments and tasks. Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard links these areas together, so that you always have an overview of all important data. Particularly practical is the operation via the proven e-mail client program Microsoft Outlook, which also offers you the proven Microsoft Windows interface. Outlook on the Web was originally developed for the cloud, but can of course also be used easily for normal e-mail traffic.

What are the system requirements for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard?

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard is actually quite undemanding. A PC with 64-bit architecture is required, as well as hard drive space of at least 30 GB. Most office environments have this basic configuration. Note that an additional 500 MB is required to install the unified messaging language package, or UF.

You can use the license both in your own data center as a server solution, but also use it via a cloud. Microsoft provides you with the corresponding host solution for this purpose. Here, your Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard is licensed via the User Subscription License. This allows you to use the online service set up by Microsoft as well as your own server in operation. Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard can be used very flexibly in this way.

What is included in the scope of delivery when purchasing Microsoft Exchange Server 2019?

The time-consuming installation from CD is now a thing of the past. You will receive a practical single user MLK without data carrier as a volume license. After installation, you only need to register the new software solution. We will provide you with all the necessary data. If required, you will have to order the Outlook client software as well. Otherwise you can use the included Outlook on the Web. Of course, you will benefit from regular software updates from Microsoft. Thus you always remain on the newest conditions. It should not go unmentioned that you may use your license for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard without restriction. There is no time limit.

Perhaps you too would like to centrally manage and use the important communication channels in your business or homeOffice. For e-mail, contacts, appointments and tasks, we would therefore like to recommend Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard. You can order the license key for this product here at reasonable prices.

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