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With every purchase at Wiresoft you support the Kinderschutzbund.

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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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SQL Server 2022 Standard von Microsoft ist die neueste Version dieser zuverlässigen relationalen Datenplattform, die Anwendern alle notwendigen Datenbank- sowie Analyse- und Reporting-Funktionen bereitstellt, die in allen Unternehmen häufig zur Anwendung kommen, die Warenwirtschafts- und CRM-Systeme bzw. ERP-Software einsetzen. SQL Server 2022 Standard stellt für all diese Aufgabenbereiche ein leistungsfähiges, Cloud-fähiges Relational Database Management System (RDMS) zur Verfügung, das deren Anforderungen bestens erfüllen kann.

Für weitere Fragen zum Produkt steht Ihnen unserer Kundenservice zur Verfügung.

Product information "MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2022 STANDARD 2-CORE"

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard 2 Core

SQL Server 2022 Standard from Microsoft is the latest version of this reliable relational data platform that provides users with all the necessary database and analysis and reporting functions that are frequently used in all companies that use enterprise resource planning and CRM systems or ERP software. SQL Server 2022 Standard provides a powerful, Cloud-enabled Relational Database Management System (RDMS) for all of these tasks, which is ideally suited to meet their requirements.

With the SQL Server 2022 Standard Edition, small and medium-sized companies already have a basic data management and Business intelligence database at their disposal, which not only offers suitable tools for the development of local as well as Cloud-specific applications, but also enables particularly efficient database management through a low demand on IT resources.

At Wiresoft you will soon find the new SQL Server 2022 Standard Edition on offer as used software - with all the advantages of functionality, performance as well as security - but at a significantly lower price than that of new software. SQL Server 2022 Standard will probably be available again as Core-based licensing, which is especially only suitable for more powerful Server, as the server license/CAL-based variant cannot be used here.

The following overview provides detailed information on the functions of SQL Server 2022 Standard known from the previous version and the usual Microsoft licensing conditions for SQL Server software.

SQL Server 2022 Standard 2 Core - More security

An important area in the processing and provision of large amounts of data is also the security aspect, in order to prevent unauthorized access to it. To this end, SQL Server 2022 Standard provides features such as Always Encrypted, which uses secure enclaves not only to protect sensitive customer data, but also to enable more complex operations to be performed.

Secure database columns extend the trust boundary on the server side for client applications without being accessed by the SQL Server, other databases or a system administrator. This allows operations with confidential data to be performed securely in plain text.

Complementary protection is provided by row-level security and dynamic data masking, transparent database encryption with extensible key management, and also data classification and user-defined role definition.

SQL Server 2022 Standard 2 Core - Licensing via Server-Core

For the SQL Server 2022 Standard edition, the Core-licensing defined by Microsoft will presumably apply again, based on a now different licensing metric compared to previous provisions, where the number of processor cores was irrelevant for licensing.

With the Core-based licensing the number of cores forms the starting point for the computation of the license requirement. Previously, two cores could be licensed with one Core license. The Core licenses for SQL Server 2022 Standard are therefore likely to be available again as 2-core packages.

The entire license need Pro Server results from the maximum number of contained cores, each physical Core of a server needs thereby its own license. Microsoft sets so far as Pro Server 8 licenses as minimum, whereby with the previous version the following conditions were used:

  • Each physical processor is charged with at least 8 cores.
  • Each physical Server is calculated with at least 16 cores.
  • All physical and active cores are licensed according to these two conditions.

In addition, certain scaling limits will probably apply again for SQL Server 2022 Standard. Thus, the maximum computing capacity that can be used by a single instance of SQL Server Standard was previously:

  • SQL Server-Database Engine: less than 4 sockets or 24 cores
  • Analysis or Reporting Services: less than 4 sockets or 24 cores

For the maximum memory that can be used by a single instance of the SQL Server-database engine previously applied:

  • Buffer pool: 128 GB
  • Columnstore segment cache: 32 GB
  • Reporting Services: 64 GB
  • Analysis Services: 16 GB2 (tabular) or 32 GB (MOLAP)

The upper limit of the relational database size for SQL Server 2022 Standard-Edition was 524 PB so far.

If you have any questions about the current terms of your Server licensing, please contact a Wiresoft representative.

SQL Server 2022 Standard 2 Core - Hardware requirements 

In order to use the SQL Server 2022 Standard in a suitable operating environment, the following software and hardware requirements are expected to be met - please note that as of October, no official information is yet available from Microsoft, so the actual minimum requirements may differ from those listed below. For further questions and up-to-date information, please contact a Wiresoft representative.

  • Supported operating systems: min. Windows 10, Windows Server 2019
  • Hard disk space: min. 6 GB - depending on the SQL Server components installed in each case
  • Working memory: min. 4 GB
  • Graphics: Super VGA graphics card with min. 800x600 pixel resolution
  • Processor type: x64 processor
  • Processor speed: min. 1.4 GHz - recommended: 2.0 GHz or higher

If you have any further questions regarding your purchase of Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard as used software or any other edition, as well as older SQL Server versions or other Microsoft software, please feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone or chat. 

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