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MS Project 2016 Professional - buy the comprehensive project management solution as used software The Project Professional 2016 Edition is the most comprehensive application of this version, which was developed by Microsoft for planning...
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Project 2016 Standard - the single license of the Microsoft project management software as a purchase version Project Standard 2016 is the proven Microsoft solution for the planning, deployment, management and documentation of projects...
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Buy Microsoft Project 2016: Project Management Innovation

Microsoft Project 2016 is an advanced software solution designed to help project managers efficiently plan, monitor and manage their projects. Its innovative features set it apart from its predecessor versions and other project management tools.

What's new in Microsoft Project 2016

Microsoft Project 2016 brings with it a host of innovative features and enhancements that make it a powerful tool for project management:

Improved Timeline View

The timeline view in Project 2016 has been significantly improved. Project managers can now highlight tasks and milestones more easily and track project progress at a glance.

Resource management

Resource management has been optimized so that project managers can allocate resources more efficiently and better plan workload.

Office 365 integration

Project 2016 is seamlessly integrated with Office 365, making it easier to collaborate as a team and access project data in real time.

Improved reporting and business intelligence

Reporting capabilities have been enhanced to help project managers create meaningful reports and dashboards. This enables decisions to be made based on sound data.

Task management and team collaboration

The software offers enhanced task management and team collaboration capabilities. SharePoint integration enables efficient communication and document management.

The advantages of Microsoft Project 2016

Microsoft Project 2016 offers numerous benefits that businesses and project managers alike will appreciate:

Improved project overview

The revamped timeline view provides a clearer project overview and simplifies communication of project progress.

Efficient use of resources

Streamlined resource management enables organizations to use resources more efficiently and avoid bottlenecks.

Seamless team collaboration

SharePoint and Office 365 integration facilitates team collaboration and access to project data from anywhere.

Better decision making

Advanced reporting and business intelligence capabilities enable project managers to make informed decisions based on project metrics and data.

Flexibility and customizability

Project 2016 is customizable and flexible so that it meets the specific needs of an organization or project.

Application areas of Microsoft Project 2016

Microsoft Project 2016 is used in a wide range of industries and projects:


In the construction industry, Microsoft Project 2016 is used to plan construction projects, efficiently allocate resources, and optimize the construction schedule. The enhanced timeline view makes it easier to monitor construction progress.

Software development

In the IT industry, the software supports the planning and implementation of software development projects. Efficient task management improves development speed.


In healthcare, Microsoft Project 2016 helps plan projects to implement new medical systems, improve patient care, and comply with regulatory requirements. Resource management ensures efficient use of medical professionals.

Marketing campaigns

Marketing teams use the software to plan marketing campaigns, assign tasks, and track campaign success. Improved team collaboration accelerates marketing campaigns.

Why choose Microsoft Project 2016?

It offers numerous reasons why it is the preferred choice for businesses and project managers:

Modern design and ease of use

The redesigned user interface is modern and intuitive, making it easier to work with the software.

Efficient team collaboration

Integration with Office 365 and SharePoint promotes team collaboration and access to project data from anywhere.

Improved decision making

Advanced reporting and business intelligence capabilities help project managers make informed decisions based on project metrics and data.

Flexibility and customizability

The software can be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization or project to provide a tailored solution.


Microsoft Project 2016 represents innovation in project management. With its new timeline view, resource management, team collaboration and reporting features, it provides project managers and organizations with a powerful solution to efficiently plan, monitor and manage projects. Improved project visibility, efficient resource utilization, and seamless team collaboration are just some of the benefits of Microsoft Project 2016, which helps organizations complete projects on time and on budget while making the best use of resources. With Microsoft Project 2016, project managers are prepared for the demands of modern project management practice