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Microsoft Publisher 2021 - the single program in the purchase version Publisher 2021 is the versatile, powerful program from Microsoft for professional Desktop publishing. Not only companies, but also private users, such as pupils and...
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MS Access 2021 Single program Microsoft Access 2021 is a powerful database management system that can be used to create and manage complex databases according to individual requirements. Not only Excel, XML and dBASE files can serve as...
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Microsoft Outlook 2021 - the versatile Office software for managing e-mails, contacts, tasks and more - as a stand-alone program Microsoft Outlook 2021 is the current version of the proven Office-program for the professional organization...
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Microsoft PowerPoint 2021 as a stand-alone program Microsoft PowerPoint is the classic software program for designing convincing visualizations of information and creating vivid presentations. With PowerPoint 2021, the latest version of...
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Microsoft Publisher 2019 - the single program in the purchase version Publisher 2019 is Microsoft's versatile, powerful program for professional desktop publishing. Not only companies, but also private users, such as pupils and students,...
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Publisher 2016 for DTP - the Microsoft single program as purchase version Publisher 2016 is a popular version of Microsoft's versatile DTP program for designing publications for every area: It offers all the functions required for...
CAD61.90 *
Publisher 2013 - the Microsoft DTP standalone program as a purchase version Publisher 2013 is an older version of the versatile DTP program from Microsoft to professionally design interesting-looking publications for any purpose: To this...
CAD29.90 *
MS Access 2019 standalone program Microsoft Access 2019 is a powerful database management system that can be used to create and manage complex databases according to individual requirements. Not only Excel, XML and dBASE files can serve...
CAD76.90 *
MS Access 2016 as single program in the purchase version Microsoft Access 2016 is a newer version of Microsoft's powerful database management system, which allows databases to be created and used individually according to the respective...
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Microsoft Outlook 2019 - the versatile Office for managing e-mails, contacts, tasks and more - as a stand-alone program Microsoft Outlook 2019 is the current version of the proven Office for the professional organization of e-mail...
CAD76.90 *
Microsoft Outlook 2016 - the versatile Office for managing e-mail, contacts, tasks and more - as a stand-alone program Microsoft Outlook 2016 is still a popular version of the proven Office to efficiently handle the daily e-mail traffic...
CAD61.90 *
Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 as single program Microsoft PowerPoint is the classic software program with which convincing visualizations of information can be designed and descriptive presentations can be created. With PowerPoint 2019, the...
CAD76.90 *
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 as a Office Microsoft PowerPoint is the versatile software program for designing convincing presentations and speeches while presenting information clearly. The PowerPoint 2016 version is a further milestone of...
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Microsoft Excel 2021 as single license Microsoft Excel is also in the current version 2021 the up to now unsurpassed spreadsheet software for the production of complex commercial and statistical calculations, supplemented by a...
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Microsoft Word 2021 - the versatile word processing program Word 2021 is the latest version of the worldwide used word processing software from Microsoft. With its integrated tools and intuitive operation, the extensively equipped Office...
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Large selection of current and older versions of the individual Office

Wiresoft offers all these Office not only in the latest version 2019, but also the previous version 2016 and even older editions - usually up to versions of the respective Office 2010 programs, which even still run under Windows XP; however, regular retailers often only offer the very latest Office.

With the purchase of these products, however, the requirements for operating systems and hardware usually change so that they can be used at all. In addition to the usually ever increasing purchase price for the latest software, there are also additional costs for the purchase of a new computer or Windows operating system - a great economic burden, especially for SMEs or private users.

In any case, software manufacturers such as Microsoft generally tend to move away from the purchased version to subscription versions, which bind buyers to regular necessary updates and thus also to monthly payments. In the following you can read which Office you can find as individual applications at Wiresoft and which advantages the purchase at Wiresoft offers you.

MS Word - the versatile word processing program

Word is the classic word processing software from Microsoft used worldwide. With its tools and intuitive operation, this versatile Office with its wide range of functions offers much more than just writing and editing texts: it offers many options for the presentation and formatting of documents, plus numerous design options for inserting graphics and tables. It is therefore not only suitable for the professional handling of business correspondence, but also for presentations, theses, reports and flyers, which can be saved directly in Word for printing as PDF files.

MS Excel - for complex spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel is the unsurpassed spreadsheet software to perform complex mathematical, economic and statistical calculations and analyses, it is complemented by a variety of functions that allow for further calculations by using pivot tables. A wide selection of chart types is available for the clear presentation of analysis results. The current version of Excel also works with PowerBI, the powerful business analysis service from Microsoft.

MS PowerPoint 2019 - Making presentations convincing

PowerPoint is the powerful Office for convincingly designing visualizations of a wide variety of information on presentation slides and for vividly lecturing in lectures. PowerPoint can be used to create professional presentations not only at work, but also at school and university. A large selection of Standard and design options offer a wide range of options for this purpose. The use of PowerPoint in the current versions has been further extended by touch-optimised use on tablets and the use of digital pens.

Microsoft Outlook 2019 - e-mails, contacts, appointments and more

Microsoft Outlook is the indispensable basis for communication in companies: with the professional organization of e-mail traffic, as well as the central planning and coordination of appointments and contacts, the typical tasks of modern business life. Thanks to the simple synchronization between completely different end devices, users can access their e-mails as well as contacts, tasks and appointments via Outlook from anywhere.

MS Access - database applications for professionals and beginners

Microsoft Access is a powerful and at the same time understandable database management system for creating and managing even complex databases and applications according to individual requirements and making them available as apps both online and locally. In addition to Excel, XML and dBASE files, external sources can also be used to evaluate data. With individually configurable reports, Access also keeps users focused and up to date on the current status of business processes at all times.

MS Publisher 2019 - the desktop publishing program

With Publisher, Microsoft users get a versatile, powerful program to professionally realize all desktop publishing projects. The software offers not only companies, but also private users a wide range of design options to create convincing publications for every field of application - from image editing and the design of logos and icons to the layout of extensive brochures or online newsletters and the creation of printable templates. For this purpose, many Standard as well as tools and effects are available to design and individualize them according to your own ideas.

Your advantages with the purchase of individual Office programs

The purchase of a single program from a MS Office offers with Wiresoft a whole range of advantages - without any disadvantages or risks - because buying software with Wiresoft is always a safe bet!

Low follow-up costs especially by the purchase of older Microsoft single programs

As already indicated, many users delay the switch to a new operating system, which the purchase of the latest Office usually means - on the one hand, because they do not actually need them, but above all because this results in additional costs for the purchase - because these only run on a more up-to-date operating system, so that as a result the hardware - i.e. the PC - no longer meets the current requirements of the software program and operating system in terms of processors and memory space. Especially in the private sector or with SMEs, these are economic factors that should not be underestimated.

With the purchase of new programs, users usually also have to get used to new features, as some versions of MS Office often differ in the different arrangement, the integration of new as well as the lack of familiar functions and a completely new look of the desktop view, which means a changeover and the brain has to completely re-orient itself until it can operate an Office as usual again.

Wiresoft's software offer thus gives users the opportunity to purchase exactly the software version of an Office that best meets their requirements in terms of both physical conditions and routines and workflows.

Favourable price for Office MS Office

Our wide range of latest and older versions of the common Office is especially attractive due to the consistently low prices of the Microsoft programs offered in the Wiresoft software shop - one more reason to cover or supplement your Office software needs with us.

Advantage of purchased versions over subscription versions

Another advantage of purchasing Office from Wiresoft is also that they are always pure purchase versions. This means that you, as the buyer, do not enter into any obligations to permanently update the software, which may not only cost money, but may also make certain demands on the existing hardware or operating system so that they can function properly at all or are compatible with other programs.

In addition, standard users do not need many of these additions and extensions of functions in order to perform their daily tasks of writing, calculating, sending e-mails, etc. With a purchased version of a Office, all of these problems do not exist.

The answer is: Microsoft pre-owned software

If you are wondering how it is possible that Wiresoft can offer MS Office programs not only individually, but also at a particularly favourable price, then our answer is: Microsoft used software. All software products offered in the Wiresoft software shop represent as Office single programs a so-called Used Software, which originates from a former user and is therefore cheaper in price than a new license of the same program with identical functional range from another dealer.

What does Used Software mean?

Used software does not necessarily have to have already been installed or used on a computer to be called "used". This always refers to software licenses - here especially of MS Office versions - that originally originate from a volume license, which is designed for a larger number of workstations and is only offered by Microsoft in certain fixed scales especially for companies.

Where does Microsoft used software come from?

The Office Used Software, which is offered in the Wiresoft Software Shop, usually comes from a company with many employees, which uses these Microsoft software programs in the form of volume licenses. The company is entitled to sell the surplus of unused software licenses to Wiresoft, whereby these are removed from the volume license and divided into individual licenses.

A frequent reason for the sale or cancellation of a volume license is the case that affected versions of an Office are no longer supported in the course of a change of hardware or operating system. However, this does not affect their general functionality, as the software itself cannot wear out.

In other cases, the Office was no longer used due to insolvency and therefore sold completely.

Buying single applications from MS Office - is that legal?

Splitting volume licenses for MS Office for sale offers the legal possibility to sell or buy the programs contained in them as individual applications and licenses. This is legally possible because a court ruled that Microsoft's exclusive right to distribute the software expired with the first sale. This decision was based on the so-called principle of exhaustion of the German Copyright Act (UrhG), which in short states that software can be legally resold as soon as the manufacturer - i.e. Microsoft - has sold it for the first time with its consent, and cannot then prohibit subsequent resale.

Security when buying used software from Office

Even if practically every supplier can sell such used Office single programs, you should nevertheless only trust a serious dealer like Wiresoft. Because with this you can be sure that a used Office on your end device really works perfectly, because it is really only used by yourself.

One reason for this is the following: In order to activate such an Office single application on your PC, a volume license key is necessary - also called Multi-Activation-Key (MAK). This key is valid for exactly the number of users or PCs defined in the underlying volume license - but not for additional users.

Dubious vendors, who lure with super cheap offers, sometimes deliver such an activation key, which seems to work at first, but is often blocked by Microsoft after a few days or weeks, because the number of users has been exceeded long ago, which is still recognized by Microsoft.

Your advantages when buying Office single applications with Wiresoft:

  • You save a multiple of the normal price - but get the same range of functions of a software.
  • Wiresoft only sells single licenses of Office, which are purchase versions and have an unlimited period of use - without obligatory updates.
  • Every offered Office is available in different versions - from 2019 to 2010.
  • Microsoft individual programs from Wiresoft are also audit-proof.

If you have any questions about an individual Office program or other Microsoft programs, simply use our competent advice by e-mail, telephone and in the chat.