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Sometimes the simple ideas are the best.

In today's service society, almost every company depends on the use of common software. At the same time, the prices for the common formats are rising every year. No wonder, because in the past, developers and manufacturers were able to achieve a monopoly position in which there is almost no competition. This starting position enables large corporations to adjust prices as they wish. We at Wiresoft have a simple idea how to counteract the monopoly position of the software providers.

Companies that depend on Standard can significantly reduce the costs incurred by buying and selling already purchased licenses. Moreover, this practice sets new standards in the liberalization of the software market and is an exclamation mark against the rising prices of traditional providers.

This trade with pre-owned software does not only make sense economically, it is also based on the continuous development of companies. After all, software is not a standardised commodity for which a brisk trade with pre-owned software already exists. Computer systems and programs are subject to a greater flexibility, they have to be updated constantly and adapted to the needs of the company. 

This is where we would like to start. In the course of takeovers, mergers or bankruptcies, already acquired licenses often threaten to lie idle. Our company acquires the unused software together with the licenses and sells them to other companies. In this way, both the selling and the buying companies benefit from the recycling of the used software.

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