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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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Windows 8.1 Professional is the convincing answer from Microsoft for all users who were not satisfied with the previous version. The main reason for this was the completely revised so-called Metro design, which, in the style of tablet and smartphone interfaces, displayed the programs and other features in visually reduced, monochrome icons, also known as tiles because of their square basic shape.

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Windows 8.1 Pro - the powerful version of the innovative Microsoft operating system as used software

Windows 8.1 Professional is Microsoft's convincing answer for all users who were not satisfied with the previous version. The main reason for this was the completely revised so-called Metro design, which displayed the programs and other features in visually reduced, monochrome icons in the style of tablet and smartphone interfaces, also known as tiles due to their square basic shape.

In addition to the return of the familiar home screen  , Windows 8.1 offers a plus of further improvements and, especially in the Pro edition for companies, a whole range of indispensable business functions, which are essential for the management of networks and the related security rules as well as the protection of data. Windows 8.1 Pro - designed for use in SMBs - offers features such as Domain Join to allow end devices to access a network even when offline, BitLocker to protect data, especially on mobile devices, and the powerful Hyper-V virtualization technology. 

The purchase of the 8.1 Pro Edition offers the great advantage that this Windows operating system can also be used on older hardware systems. In the Wiresoft online store, you can find Windows 8.1 Pro as a single-user purchase version, as well as other editions, older or newer operating systems, and many other Microsoft programs. The following overview first presents the most important new features of Windows 8.1 Pro, followed by important features of the entire Windows 8.1 version.

Features of the Windows 8.1 Pro edition

Windows 8.1 Pro, with its additional features and characteristics, is primarily aimed at those companies and power users for whom network security and virtualization in particular play an important role. The following features offer comprehensive possibilities here:

Domain Join in Windows 8.1 Pro

One of the key features of the Windows 8.1 Pro edition is the Domain Join feature - essential for companies to manage end devices in a network.

Domain join allows computers to connect offline to a corporate network via Access Directory without the need for a physical or VPN connection. Offline domain join is governed by DirectAccess policies, including defining remote provisioning rules.

All network computers united under a domain are managed by an IT administrator via a domain controller - a server for central authentication of computers and users in a computer network - so they have a common database and security policy as well as a unique name.

Using the built-in Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), they can modify the domain policy or create new ones. Windows 8.1 Pro also makes this process easier than with older versions. It also makes it easier for administrators to manage bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios involving devices that don't belong to a specific domain, which typically include personal mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Hyper-V for Windows 8.1 Pro

Also integrated into Windows 8.1 Pro is the new version of the Hyper-V virtualization technology. This offers the ability to completely isolate individual systems, as well as the use of various security features such as Data Execution Prevention (DEP) at the hardware level, and Network Address Translation (NAT) to manage IPv4 addresses.

Hyper-V is used to virtualize data centers as well as smaller environments. With the version available in Windows 8.1 Pro, Hyper-V can also be used for client virtualization. Virtual servers can thus be moved or copied between Hyper-V hosts while the system is running. In addition, Hyper-V also handles images of hard disks in virtual hard disk (or VDHX) format.

Secure hard disk encryption with BitLocker

How quickly it happens that a tablet and laptop is lost or even stolen. Much more critical than the loss of the mobile device is the fact that sensitive or even personal data stored on it can no longer be used or misused. BitLocker, which is integrated into Windows 8.1 Pro, at least prevents this data from being viewed by unauthorized persons or used for criminal purposes by securely encrypting it.

For this purpose, the practical "BitLocker To Go" tool also offers the option of encrypting USB sticks and external hard drives.

More features in Windows 8.1 Pro

In addition, the Pro edition of Windows 81st offers enhanced end-to-end security with Trusted Boot and Secure Boot, Windows Firewall, as well as Windows Defender and Microsoft SmartScreen, a filter to detect malicious software that could be loaded from a URL.

And with the Encrypting File System (EFS), files on NTFS disks can be securely encrypted under Windows NT-based operating systems, so that they remain confidential and protected even if unauthorized persons gain access to them through poorly protected access rights or the theft of disks.

The most important general innovations and features of the Windows 8.1 version

Version 8.1. retains many of the basic innovations of the previous version Windows 8, but improves on many details with which users did not get along or were not satisfied. Basically, the idea of offering a uniform user interface across all devices running Windows 8.1 has been retained.

Tiled look "Modern UI

The typical tile look of the new operating system is the most striking feature for users: Instead of the previous list with all frequently used programs, etc., all used and Standard apps are now shown in a so-called "Modern UI" design - where UI stands for "User Interface" - also called Metro design by Microsoft.

In version 8.1 Pro, but also in the other editions, users can switch to the Start menu view familiar from older versions of the operating system by clicking on the conspicuous button with the flag. Right-clicking gives them direct access to important Windows settings, as well as the options to restart or shut down the system. Users with Windows 8.1 also have the choice of whether the operating system starts with the tile interface or loads the desktop right away.

For the choice of background, users can now display their own photos, etc. instead of the integrated pre-selection of pictures. There is also the option to display several photos in alternation.

New: The size and shape of the tiles can now be customized to your own preferences. The aim of the completely new Modern UI design was originally to create a uniform appearance across all end devices - i.e. from PCs or laptops to tablets and smartphones - whereby the tile design is more visually appealing on a smaller mobile phone than on a desktop screen. Version 8.1. pro etc. now offers four tile sizes: Large, Wide, Medium and Small. This allows unimportant or rarely used apps to be visually less noticeable, while for popular apps, such as the new Weather app, the larger display makes it easier to use the preview function, as it also shows a lot of live information. Also, the larger displays include a short text info about which program it is, which is helpful for orientation in more technical apps.

Helpful: For users who are not (yet) familiar with the Windows 8.1 tile concept, Microsoft has integrated its own app "Help and Tips", with hints for operation, as well as explanatory texts and videos.

Show four apps at the same time with Windows 8.1 Pro

When apps are open, Windows 8.1 displays the active tile programs in freely selectable sizes next to each other - compared to the 8 version, which permanently displayed the first app on one third of the screen width and the second app on two thirds of the width. The display can be used particularly well on end devices with a high-resolution screen. On desktop screens with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels, even four open apps can be displayed. By moving the dividing line, the size of the apps can also be varied after opening. Which app is currently active is indicated by three dots on the dividing line.

New apps in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1. offers - of course also in the Professional Edition - a number of new apps, which some users have surely missed from the smartphone, among others:

  • Calculator app: this lets you perform simple calculations and conversions of measurements, such as kilometers to miles. The app also has a scientific view with more complicated formulas.
  • Alarm clock app: In addition to the typical alarm functions, the alarm clock also offers a countdown timer and a stopwatch.
  • Soundrecorder app: The well-known audio recorder is now part of Windows Blue: The app can be used to make and edit sound recordings, which can also be saved to SkyDrive.
  • Cooking and Enjoyment" app: Here, cooking enthusiasts will find many illustrated recipes for many occasions. The integrated shopping list function makes it particularly practical to use on a smartphone.

To create an overview in the flood of old and new apps, they can be grouped together in Windows 8.1, which makes clicking through long lists unnecessary.

Charms Bar in Windows 8.1

In addition, settings options are available to turn off typical new Windows 8 controls, such as the Charms Bar. The idea of the Charms Bar introduced with Windows 8 is to provide users with direct access to the five important functions "Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings". It becomes active as soon as a user moves the mouse pointer to the top right corner of the screen, and fades in. In Windows 8.1 Pro, etc., it is easier to disable the Charms Bar if it is not needed. Moreover, the function to switch between individual apps can also be disabled by clicking on the upper left corner of the monitor.


Microsoft's online storage, SkyDrive, has been revised once again for release 8.1. This is particularly evident in the synchronization: While previously, when copying files into SkyDrive via Windows Explorer, the automatic data synchronization of all files stored there with all end devices took place, SkyDrive in Windows 8.1 only synchronizes the folders and thumbnails. The storage service only downloads a file when it is double-clicked. This new setting is especially useful when some of the devices used have less hard drive space and the Internet connection is weaker. All data, both locally and stored in SkyDrive, is managed via the new SkyDrive app. The Windows 8.1 also stores important PC settings and certain backup files in SkyDrive as well.

Hardware requirements for installing Windows 8.1 Pro, among others.

In order for Windows 8.1 Pro to run smoothly on an end device, it must meet certain hardware requirements. Windows 8.1 Pro is available in a 32-bit and a 64-bit version, only the 64-bit guarantees that certain programs and apps can be fully used. The following basic technical properties must be met when installing Windows 8.1:

  • Processor: min. 1 GHz, with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2
  • RAM: at least 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB RAM for 64-bit
  • Hard disk space: at least 16 GB for 32-bit or 20 GB for 64-bit
  • Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 with WDDM driver

Buy Windows 8.1 Pro at Wiresoft at a reasonable price in the online store

Windows 8.1 Pro is offered - if at all - in the conventional trade as a new single license at a not insignificant price. In the Wiresoft online store, however, you can buy Windows 8.1 Professional as a single-user license at a much lower price than so-called used software - you get the identical software product.

This works as follows: The offered single license of Windows 8.1 Pro Edition used to be part of a volume license purchased by a company. By reselling it - an absolutely legal process in the EU - this was broken up and converted into individual licenses, which are then referred to and offered as used software. However, this splitting of the volume license or labeling as used software does not cause any negative effects on the functionality of this Windows 8.1 Pro desktop operating system, among other things because software is not subject to wear and tear.

Buying software with Wiresoft is always cheap and safe at the same time! You can buy this Windows 8.1 Pro operating system in Wiresoft Shop not only at a particularly low price - your purchase is also safe: Wiresoft sells only genuine Windows 8.1 Professional software, which is identical to the Microsoft product. Therefore, after the successfully completed purchase process, you can immediately download and install your Windows 8.1 Pro license on your end device and activate it with an included volume license key that is valid only for you - without any time restriction. Buying used software like Windows 8.1 Pro from Wiresoft Software Shop does not pose any legal risk to you, because trading in used software is clearly allowed by law, which has been confirmed by numerous legally binding verdicts.

Buying used software from Wiresoft offers our customers a favorable alternative to other offers to be able to use the Windows 8.1 Professional desktop operating system. In addition to SMEs and organizations, our customers include self-employed individuals as well as private individuals who are happy to benefit from our affordable software offer!

In the Wiresoft Software Shop you can find Windows 8.1 Pro as well as other versions of the Windows desktop operating system and other programs from Microsoft as a low-priced purchase version for immediate download. If you have any questions about this or any other Microsoft software, just contact us via chat, e-mail or phone.

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