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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 2-Core The Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise...mehr

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 2-Core

The Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 2-Core is a relational database management system that complies with the current SQL standard. The SQL Server solution is available in different versions. The 2017 Enterprise version offers you many new functions and improvements. The in-memory OLTP module, which supports 30 times faster applications and up to 100 times faster database queries, should be highlighted.

In this version, all security functions have been improved in comparison to its predecessor. Thus, the database has now been geared towards a hybrid environment. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 2-Core can be used both locally on a client and in the cloud. The advantage of a cloud solution is that you can store all your data there, back it up and restore it when needed.

What else does Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 2-Core offer?

This SQL Server version can be used as a data warehouse without any problems. This way, your company's employees can easily gain insight into the relevant business data and react accordingly. It also provides a business intelligence platform that offers a scalable infrastructure. Thus, Business Intelligence is offered everywhere in your company where it is needed.

The actual SQL Server offers you a variety of useful services. These include, for example, analysis functions, report generation, integration services and even the proven SQL Server Data Tool. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 2-Core supports the database query Transact-SQL, whereby OLE DB and ODBC are also supported.

The innovative database management system Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 2-Core

Thanks to sophisticated techniques, this database management system allows you to access your business-relevant data even faster. The data stocks can be analyzed, sorted, filtered, changed and also visualized. You can use the knowledge gained to align your company even better and more profitably.

More background information about Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 2-Core

Version 2017 was first introduced to the market on October 2, 2017. The SQL Server can now be used by several Linux versions running on Docker containers and SQL VM in Azure. Thus it supports Red Hat Enterprise, Ubuntu and SUSE Linux Enterprise. An advantage is that Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 2-Core offers automatic database optimization.

Originally created in 1989 for the IBM OS/2 operating system, Microsoft SQL was first developed for Windows NT in 1993. Since 2000 this system is offered in both the Enterprise and Standard. Both versions differ in the range of functions and also in the hardware requirements.

What is included in the scope of delivery?

You will receive a Single User MLK Volume License in multi-language version. This means that you can use your software in multiple languages. A data medium is no longer required for installation. All you need to do is download and install Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 2-Core.

Interestingly, you can continue to use this volume license without any restrictions. According to the decision of the European Court of Justice, used software may be resold without any problems since 2012. This volume license is a free license which is not needed by another company. With the help of the license key this version is registered in your name. After activation you will benefit from regular software updates.

The database management system is ready for immediate use after the download. You are also welcome to contact us. 

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