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Microsoft Office 2021 Standard - the indispensable business software for companies and the self-employed The latest version of Microsoft Office Suite 2021 Standard Edition offers professional users in companies as well as the...
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Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus - indispensable for business professionals The latest version of the globally used versatile Microsoft Office suite offers professional users in companies as well as self-employed people a new,...
CAD270.90 *
Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2021 as a single Office-program When it comes to presenting content in the form of a presentation in a convincing and lively manner, Microsoft PowerPoint is still the classic software program for this...
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Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2021 as a standalone program - for the management of e-mails, contacts and appointments Outlook for Mac 2021 is the latest version of the Microsoft-program for Apple computer for the professional central...
CAD129.90 *
Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac as a convenient single-user license Microsoft Excel is the up to now unsurpassed spreadsheet software, with which complex mathematical as well as commercial calculations can be carried out. The current...
CAD129.90 *
Microsoft Word 2021 for Mac as a standalone program Word 2021 for Mac is the latest version of the classic word processing software from Microsoft, which is also widely used on Apple computers. The versatile Office program offers many...
CAD129.90 *
Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2019 as a single Office When it comes to presenting content in the form of a presentation in a convincing and lively way, Microsoft PowerPoint is still the classic software program for this purpose. With its...
CAD94.90 *
Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2016 as a Office PowerPoint for Mac is Microsoft's versatile software program for Apple users to efficiently plan and design vivid presentations on a Mac computer and to conveniently present them to business...
CAD74.90 *
Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2019 standalone program - for managing email, contacts and appointments Outlook for Mac 2019 is the latest version of the Microsoft program for Apple computers for the professional central organization of e-mail...
CAD94.90 *
Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2016 - the proven Office for use with macOS - as a stand-alone program Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2016 is still a much-used version of the proven Office, which can be used to centrally manage and organise not...
CAD74.90 *
Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac standalone program Word 2019 for Mac is the latest version of Microsoft's classic word processing software, which is also widely used on Apple computers. The versatile Office program offers many intuitively...
CAD94.90 *
Microsoft Word for Mac 2016 - the efficient word processing program for macOS Word is THE classic, unsurpassed word processing program that is appreciated not only by PC users, but also by Mac users. Its extensive possibilities for...
CAD74.90 *
Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac as a convenient single user license Microsoft Excel is the unsurpassed spreadsheet software for performing complex mathematical and commercial calculations. And the latest version 2019 for Mac has a lot more...
CAD94.90 *
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2016 - the efficient calculation program for macOS Excel 2016 , the classic spreadsheet program for a wide range of calculations, is also available for the Mac as a stand-alone program. Although this current...
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Microsoft Publisher 2021 - the single program in the purchase version Publisher 2021 is the versatile, powerful program from Microsoft for professional Desktop publishing. Not only companies, but also private users, such as pupils and...
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Buy Office - Used Software - the economical alternative to expensive new Microsoft licenses and subscription versions

Microsoft offers inexpensive entry-level versions of Office, but these contain only a small part of the various Office programs that are included in more comprehensive editions such as Standard or Professional Plus, and are therefore not suitable for business users. Even Outlook for e-mail traffic is often missing.

If users then decide in favor of one of the more comprehensive editions mentioned, these can usually only be purchased as a paid subscription version including expensive updates, which will be expensive in the long term, or can only be purchased as part of a volume license, which is not worthwhile or possible, especially for smaller businesses and self-employed persons. Especially for self-employed and smaller companies, but also in larger companies, which only have a small budget for software, the purchase of a business-ready Office version is a greater financial burden.

Here is the alternative: Buy MS Office suites as used software from Wiresoft at a lower price!

Buy MS Office - More Office for less money - with used software from Wiresoft!

When buying the full version of a Microsoft Office edition for professionals, you save a lot of money at Wiresoft - often up to 50% compared to the new price - with the same functionality. Because it is always original software from Microsoft.

Another advantage of the used software offer at Wiresoft: You can choose from several editions of Office - according to your software needs - and in addition from the latest as well as older versions. Especially if you are using an older Windows (or macOS) operating system or other older program versions, you will have no problems with compatibility and will not have to upgrade all your software. The Office offer at Wiresoft ranges from Office 2019 to Office 2007 for Windows versions, and from Office 2019 to Office 2008 for Mac.

Buy Microsoft Office - All advantages of MS Office as used software at a glance:

✔ The offered purchase version of an Office version is fully usable without subscription obligation with the corresponding updates.

✔ It can therefore also be used without Internet access.

✔Depending on the Office package, there is a large price advantage compared to the usual software dealer prices - often with up to 50% difference.

✔ Exclusive Office editions, which contain further software programs and additional functions and can only be purchased as volume licenses in the regular trade, are available at Wiresoft as single licenses in the form of used software for all users at a low price.

✔ In addition to the latest MS Office Edition 2019 - available in several editions - Wiresoft also offers many previous versions of Office for purchase, this means: the purchase of an older version of MS Office allows the continued use of older operating systems.

✔ Expensive updates of the entire software inventory of enterprises or also private users are avoided by the purchase of a previous version of Office thus.

✔ In addition to an MS Office version, Wiresoft offers many other Microsoft programs in compatible versions, which enables a homogeneous software landscape.

✔ In addition to MS Office for Windows PCs, Wiresoft also offers the corresponding Office versions for macOS, so Apple users can also take advantage of cheap Microsoft used software.

✔ Instead of the regular Home or Student editions, which are cheaper but severely limited in terms of program scope, you can use professional editions such as Standard, Professional Plus or Enterprise at a really favorable reduced price. These editions offer a significantly wider range of functions in the standard programs and, depending on the edition, also include other important Office programs such as Outlook, Access or PowerPoint, which have become indispensable in modern everyday life not only for SMEs and the self-employed, but also for students, pupils and private individuals.

Buy MS Office - the choice is yours - overview of all Microsoft Office packages available as used software in the Wiresoft Software Shop

The new Office version 2019 from Microsoft is also available from Wiresoft as used software at a low price as a single user license. If you want to use the latest features of the included standard programs, such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and especially benefit from the for improved and more flexible collaboration in the team - including OneDrive for uncomplicated data and document sharing in the cloud, then here are the Standard Edition to choose from as well as the Professional Plus Edition, which contains the maximum of Office programs and features with extended functionalities and additional programs.

But it doesn't always have to be the latest Office version! Often an older edition of MS Office fulfills all the requirements of office software in a company, organization or private household. Especially if other Microsoft applications are already installed, the installation or use of an appropriate Office version guarantees/ensures the compatibility of all installed applications among each other.

Even if the hardware is not up to the very latest standard and such more current MS Office programs, which are usually associated with higher performance requirements, cannot be installed or run correctly, a previous version, which often also requires less storage space, is the better choice, without having to accept any significant reductions in the available functions as a rule. This is because even Office 2016, Office 2013 or even older editions already offer a wide range of practical functions for the included standard programs Word, Excel, Outlook, etc., to fulfill all the tasks that arise in business or private life.

The following versions of MS Office can be found at Wiresoft at low prices as Used Software - both for Windows and macOS:

Buy Microsoft Office - Windows versions of MS Office as used software:

MS Office for Windows is available at Wiresoft in the editions Professional Plus as well as Standard - depending on the version or edition, various additional programs and functionalities are included:

MS Office 2021

MS Office 2019

The latest Office version, which only runs on Windows 10, impresses with many practical features in every program that make networked collaboration even easier and at the same time more secure, including Remote Desktop Services (RDS) for Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to prevent data loss.

Specifically included in the Professional Plus edition is Enterprise Voice for Outlook for unified communication, as well as Access for flexible and comprehensive analysis of data for business applications, among other advanced features.

MS Office 2016

The latest predecessor version offers many practical features that support not only beginners but also professionals in their work, e.g. with assistants, such as "You wish" (Tell Me) as well as "Insights", a simplified sharing mode for sharing documents as well as the "Version History", which makes older versions available in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Only included in the Professional Plus edition: Access with the import function of tables from different database sources, as well as Skype for Business in Outlook for internal and external communication.

MS Office 2013

The popular Office version offers particularly broad compatibility with Microsoft operating systems; data or documents can be stored on Microsoft SkyDrive and made available in the cloud or shared via SharePoint, and also offers

the connection of Outlook to Facebook and other social media channels offers more possibilities for sharing information.

In addition, the Professional Plus edition offers the Jet Engine in Access, among other features, as well as powerful tools in an integrated development environment for custom creation of Access Web Apps, and the Lync Mobile App with touch capabilities optimized for all mobile phones.

MS Office 2010

Office 2010 features broad compatibility that extends to Windows 10, a modernized desktop interface that is even more intuitive to use, including the clear arrangement of functional areas with the redesigned ribbon, and the storage of documents in XML file format, making them more compact, secure, and also more compatible with other systems.

Buy Microsoft Office now

The Professional Plus Edition also includes Access, with features for rich database applications, and InfoPath 2010, with new formatting features such as InfoPath Forms Services, which helps users create professional forms.             

MS Office 2007

Office 2007 features a new ribbon, among other things, allowing for faster and more intuitive navigation. In addition, there are many customization options in the standard programs including Live Preview, which displays templates and designs based on data in real time in the document window, and support for the XML file format, which reduces the size of documents and shortens loading times. Compatibility mode

allows documents created with older versions of Office programs to be opened, edited, and saved back to their original format.

Especially the Office edition 2007 Professional Plus offers a large plus of additional programs: with Publisher for a wide range of possibilities in publications for both print and online, Access 2007 for a variety of database applications and s InfoPath 2007 for creating forms

Groove is also available in the Enterprise Edition, which allows users to use all workspaces, including data and tools, locally, without connecting to the corporate network

Buy Microsoft Office - Mac versions of MS Office as used software:

Wiresoft also offers many Mac Office versions in the online store, each as a standard edition. They are supported by the last 3 current macOS operating systems.

Office 2021 for Mac

Office 2019 for Mac

The latest Office suite for macOS convinces not only with new program features, but also with the optimization of already familiar features. In particular, accessibility is emphasized in this Office 2019 version for Mac, which improves the application of the functions as well as the understanding for users as well as employees or recipients of documents.

For Word, Excel and PowerPoint, the new freehand tool provides many options for creating freehand drawings and sketches and inserting them directly into a document - depending on the end device, this can be done using a pen or even a finger.

Office 2016 for Mac

The Mac version of MS Office 2016 Standard supports in particular the simplified sharing of documents as well as an improved version history of documents, so that users can also access previous versions in the respective programs. Likewise, the 2016 version also offers OneDrive integration for Mac as well as Data Loss Protection (DLP) for protecting sensitive data.

Office 2011 for Mac

The Office 2011 suite now also offers the Windows-typical ribbon interface for the Mac, with a clear arrangement of all functions in the respective programs. Compared to its predecessor, Outlook is also included, for extensive communication and management of e-mails and appointments. The software also offers enhanced collaboration features: Office for Mac's compatibility with Office for Windows makes collaboration and document sharing especially easy.

Office 2008 for Mac

Office 2008 for Mac is largely equivalent to Office 2007 for Windows and is the first comprehensive Office version for the Mac OS operating system. In addition to the individual programs Word 2008 for word processing, Excel 2008 for spreadsheets and the presentation program PowerPoint 2008, it also includes Microsoft Entourage 2008 for managing e-mails, appointments and contacts).

In addition, the version supports the Office Open XML format, has a powerful graphics tool with OfficeArt and provides the most important Office tools with the Toolbox with one click.

Buy Office - buy MS Office editions as used software at low prices at Wiresoft

Wiresoft offers all available editions of Microsoft Office software for Windows or Mac in the online store as single-user licenses - this is so-called used software. This means that the price is significantly lower than for comparable new products; in addition, in the usual software trade or from Microsoft itself, only the latest version of MS Office is offered - whereby certain editions can then also only be purchased as a volume license. As a rule, this is not a purchase version as with Wiresoft, but a subscription version with the corresponding contractual obligations, which may also include updates for which a fee is charged.

With a purchase version of Office as used software from Wiresoft, on the other hand, you not only save money, but also have the advantage of unlimited usability of the programs.

Buying Microsoft Office - What is Microsoft Office used software?

Used software for an Office version is offered by Wiresoft as a single user license, which originally comes from a volume license of the respective Microsoft program, which was previously purchased and often used by a company authorized to buy it. Upon resale to Wiresoft, this volume license was deactivated as well as dissolved and split into single user licenses; in doing so, these are referred to as used software or "Used Software". However, neither the dissolution of the volume license nor the designation"Used Software" results in any restrictions regarding the functional range of the Office software or a time limitation of the usability.

Used software can be used in the same way as "new" software - not only because software cannot wear out, but above all because its use or activation does not violate any valid legal regulations. In this respect, both the sale and the use are based on valid case law, which states that the trade in used software is legally permitted. This fact was also confirmed several times and clearly by some court decisions.

For you as a buyer this means that

1. a liability risk is reliably excluded when buying Wiresoft used software, and

2. every software purchased by you is also audit-proof due to the complete proof of the buyer chain on the part of Wiresoft.

3. every purchased Office or other software contains a valid volume license key that activates it immediately and indefinitely after purchase and instant download.

Buy Office online - Used software from Wiresoft - a good deal

Buying used software from Wiresoft offers you as a customer not only security but also other advantages! When buying a used software license of Office or any other program, you will not only benefit from the significant price advantage, but also from the possibility to use exclusive Microsoft program editions such as the Professional Plus editions yourself - whether as a single license for single users or also as a volume license in the company. Wiresoft's used software offering also includes many other Microsoft applications, such as Windows operating systems and Windows server operating systems. And if you have any questions about an Office version or any other Microsoft software available in the Wiresoft Shop, you can always take advantage of our competent, friendly advice - via chat or telephone or e-mail.