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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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Microsoft PowerPoint is the versatile software program to design convincing presentations and lectures while presenting information in a vivid way. The version PowerPoint 2016 provides another milestone of the proven Office-software to successfully convey content to others in Business, but also in school and study . PowerPoint 2016 supports professionals as well as beginners with many intuitively usable tools to create clearly arranged slides and thus to convey topics in a lively lecture. The user-friendly interface of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 makes it easy to get started with the program. A wide range of standardized templates and graphics as well as programs are available to give each presentation an individual look. 

For further questions about the product, please contact our customer service.

Product information "MICROSOFT POWERPOINT 2016"

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 as a Office

Microsoft PowerPoint is the versatile software program for designing convincing presentations and speeches while presenting information clearly. The PowerPoint 2016 version is a further milestone of the proven Office, which can be used in business, but also at school and university.

to successfully communicate content to other people. PowerPoint 2016 supports both professionals and beginners with many intuitively usable tools to create clearly laid out slides and thus convey topics in a lively presentation.

The user-friendly interface of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 allows an easy start with the program. A large selection of standardized templates and graphics as well as programs are available to give each presentation an individual look. Thanks to its touch-optimized use, PowerPoint 2016 can also be used on tablets; in addition to using the digital pen, some tools can also be operated with the finger.

The fact that the 2016 version of PowerPoint still runs under Windows 7 means that buyers who wish to continue using this operating system will benefit in particular. Users who also use Microsoft OneDrive can also use PowerPoint 2016 via the cloud services for efficient team collaboration.

The PowerPoint 2016 program is available from Wiresoft not only as a fixed component of the corresponding Office, but you can also buy it separately!

In addition to this PowerPoint 2016 software, you will also find older and newer versions in the Wiresoft online shop, particularly inexpensive as a single-user version, without a subscription that requires software updates. The following overview contains all interesting features in PowerPoint 2016.

Overview of the most important PowerPoint functions and features of version 2016

The PowerPoint 2016 version contains many optimizations and enhancements of functions from the previous edition, as well as new tools and graphics, which offer even more possibilities when creating presentations, but also make it easier to collaborate on a document.

New PowerPoint functions in the 2016 version

The new Outlook functions improve, among other things, time management when presenting and

offer a practical way to highlight content:

  • PowerPoint Designer: If a new design idea for a presentation is lacking, the integrated PowerPoint Designer makes various suggestions after inserting an image or graphic into a presentation. These can be adopted immediately with a click.
  • PowerPoint Morph: With the new Morph function you can create interesting animated transitions between the individual presentation slides. The prerequisite for this is that the element to be edited via morphing is contained on two consecutive slides. These can be images, graphics and even 3D shapes, but also words or entire texts.
  • Highlighting of details with the brush tool: To spontaneously highlight individual elements such as graphics or words on a slide during a presentation, the presenter can use the brush integrated in PowerPoint. This tool is a visually interesting alternative to the laser pointer or a stick to draw the audience's attention to important details. The whole process takes place in presentation mode only, so that the PowerPoint document itself remains unchanged.
  • Timetracking: Especially with longer presentations it can be a problem to use the given time frame efficiently, e.g. if questions from the audience influence the concept. This is where the timetracking tool helps to get a better grip on time management: It shows the presenter the time during the presentation, so that he/she can react accordingly and make adjustments, for example in case of delays.
  • Share function: Thanks to the more convenient design of the share function, presentations can now be published more easily and quickly via social media channels such as Facebook and others.
  • Use the presentation service: Users of a Microsoft account can use this service so that other colleagues and partners can follow a presentation through a browser. For each PowerPoint presentation the assignment of permissions can be defined individually.

Use new Office in PowerPoint 2016

As a typical Office, PowerPoint 2016 also includes a number of general new features that generally make the software easier and simpler to use. In particular, the following features and tools support users:

  • Integration of OneDrive: Through the general integration of Microsoft's OneDrive in Office 2016, users can also access PowerPoint documents anywhere and from any device by saving them on OneDrive beforehand.
  • Easy sharing of PowerPoint files: PowerPoint documents can be shared even more easily with other users. By clicking on the "Share" button in the menu bar, the corresponding menu opens, which contains various options for assigning individual rights (read, edit, share, etc.) per addressee.
  • "You wish" (Tell Me) tool: In the menu bar of PowerPoint 2016, the practical "Tell Me" ("You wish") wizard is now available to help users find suitable functions for a specific task. It can be recognized by the icon in the shape of a light bulb. All users have to do is enter the function they are looking for or what they want to do in the field next to it, and "Tell Me" shows them how to do it or where the appropriate function is located.
  • Assistant Insights: This tool - known as "intelligent lookup" - allows a user to obtain additional information or explanations for a term or text contained in a presentation directly in PowerPoint 2016 without having to go to the Internet to obtain the corresponding search results. Simply highlight the relevant location with the mouse and the Bing-based Intelligent Search is activated and displays the search results on the side of the PowerPoint window.
  • Tool "Version History": This tool makes working together on a PowerPoint document even easier. Especially when several users are working on a presentation simultaneously, one quickly loses track of which changes were made by which participant, and also when this happened. "Version History" provides a version history for each PowerPoint document; this displays older editing states, which are also available again for further editing.
  • Data Loss Protection (DLP): When using SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, users can also use the DLP function for PowerPoint documents. Data Loss Protection helps administrators to centrally create and manage policies for the creation and subsequent approval of presentations to protect any critical or sensitive data contained in them from being passed on to unauthorized parties. As soon as the DLP tool detects a potential risk, a warning is displayed to the end user.

New diagram types available in PowerPoint 2016

The diagram types histogram, box chart, TreeMap, waterfall, sunburst and Pareto (bar chart) integrated in Office 2016 provide users with new informative chart types for PowerPoint presentations, which are particularly suitable for visualizing economic as well as statistical and hierarchically structured data for other participants.

  • Waterfall: This type of bar chart is good at showing changes in an initial value through various positive and negative values.
  • Histogram: This type is suitable for displaying a frequency distribution of certain classes.
  • Pareto: The Pareto chart is an extended form of a histogram that visualizes absolute values in the form of columns compared to relative, percentage shares.
  • tree map: This is a tile chart to show the proportions in a hierarchical structure.
  • Sunburst: This extended form of a ring chart displays hierarchically ordered data in the form of concentric rings. By arranging the distributions on the individual rings accordingly, certain relationships between these levels can be displayed.
  • Box graphic: This type of diagram, also known as box plot or box & whiskers, is used for statistical evaluations, with visualization in the  form of quartiles, medians, etc.

PowerPoint 2016 also includes a new tool that allows users to draw their own mathematical formulas - not only with the mouse or digital pen, but also with their finger on a touch-optimized surface. All they have to do is use the "Insert New Formula" function to open a separate window in which they write the formula, and PowerPoint immediately converts what they write into text. For further editing, the options Write, Select, Correct and Delete are available.

System requirements for PowerPoint 2016:

PowerPoint 2016 is available for download in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows by default, so individual hardware requirements may vary.

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher, Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2012, Windows 10 Server, Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Processor: x86 or x64 bit processor with at least 1 GHz and SSE2
  • Working memory: min. 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • Hard disk space: min. 3.0 GB free
  • Display: min. 1024 x 768
  • Graphics card: A DirectX 10 graphics card is required for graphics hardware acceleration

Buy PowerPoint 2016 as single program from the corresponding Office Suite at Wiresoft

PowerPoint is a regular component of many Microsoft Office. As such, the program is usually only available for purchase in conjunction with other Office. At Wiresoft, however, you can also simply buy the PowerPoint version 2016 separately as a stand-alone program - in contrast to most conventional Microsoft software providers.

Your special advantage when purchasing with Wiresoft: This single user license of PowerPoint 2016 is a purchase version, which neither obliges you to a long-term and therefore expensive subscription, nor to obligatory updates or time restrictions on use. Therefore, buying the software from us is doubly worthwhile, especially if you do not want to use other Office of this suite.

Buying software with Wiresoft is safe: The PowerPoint 2016 single user license, which you buy in our shop, was usually part of a larger volume license, as used by companies, and therefore a so-called used software - hence our favourable price! Nevertheless, this used PowerPoint software license is completely identical in its functional scope to the PowerPoint 2016 program, which is also included in the corresponding Office Suite 2016.

You can also be sure that neither you nor we are in a legally unclarified situation when trading with used software. Because the trade with used software is absolutely legal in Europe!

In addition, every Microsoft program that comes from a volume license has been tested by Wiresoft for its flawless, unlimited usability, so that PowerPoint 2016 is 100% usable by you after you have purchased and downloaded it.

Wiresoft only offers full versions of the Microsoft programs, which are identical to the editions available from Microsoft. Not only private users, but also self-employed persons and smaller companies, for whom the purchase of a volume license is not profitable, thus benefit from all advantages of PowerPoint 2016 and save money.

Apart from PowerPoint 2016, you can also buy other MS Office separately in the Wiresoft Software Shop, as well as other Microsoft programs, in addition to newer and older versions of them.

If you have any questions about PowerPoint 2016 or another MS Office, it is best to take advantage of our competent advice by e-mail, telephone and chat.

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