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Product information "MICROSOFT OFFICE MAC 2021 STANDARD"

Microsoft Office Standard 2021 for Mac 

MS Office 2021 Standard for Mac is currently the latest edition of Microsoft's proven office software for Apple computers, which is also available for download. Users thus once again benefit from the versatile range of individual programs that cover just about every task area of a modern office, and which are also compatible with each other, for accessible productive work - not only alone, but especially in teams: with Word for text creation for different areas, Excel for complex calculations in spreadsheet format, PowerPoint for informative, interactive presentations and Outlook for comprehensive communication and task planning. These are supplemented by OneNote, the app for organizing notes, as well as the cloud storage OneDrive for making data available online, and presumably again by Microsoft Teams, which replaces Skype.

As a special feature compared to the previous version of Office 2021 Standard for Mac, the new Office software can also be used on Mac computers that are already equipped with the new Apple Silicon processors. In addition, it can of course still be used on Intel-based Macs.

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What's new in MS Office 2021 Standard for Mac?

All apps included in the suite are technically up to date, which is of course also reflected in the revised design, while retaining the familiar menu structure. In addition, the focus on team collaboration - also in the cloud - has been further strengthened. With the new Office Edition, Mac users also continue to benefit from the popular, powerful tools - for efficient office work in everyday business.

Even though not all of the new features of Office 2021 Standard for Mac are known to date, Microsoft has announced various details about the individual programs:

  • Word 2021: The XLOOKUP line focus feature reduces distractions, making it easier for Word users to accurately review a document line by line.
  • Excel 2021: The XLOOKUP function is also available here to make it easier to find or check content in a table or Excel worksheet. In addition, there is improved support for dynamic arrays in spreadsheets - with the new array functions FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, RANDARRAY, SEQUENCE, UNIQUE and XMATCH.
  • PowerPoint 2021: presentations can now be enhanced with pre-recorded voice commentary, expanding application capabilities and information content.
  • Outlook: e-mail texts can be translated into more than 70 languages.

More features in Office 2021 Standard for Mac

The current Standard edition of Office 2021 for Mac users offers, in addition to the above-mentioned additions in the individual programs, a number of other enhancements and improvements, which are often cross-program and thus offer a more efficient user experience.

Freehand tool in Word, Excel and PowerPoint 

The Freehand tool in the Office programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint offers users a variety of ways to create freehand drawings and sketches as well as diagrams and formulas - depending on the functionality of the end device, users can draw in a document with a pen on a tablet, a finger on a touchscreen or with the mouse on a standalone device or laptop - and then edit them further with a range of effects and tools. Office 2021 Standard for Mac also provides new lasso and eraser tools for this purpose. Non-Office file formats such as ODF can also be opened and edited.

Comprehensive integrated PDF management

The new Office can now also display PDF files without Adobe Reader and allows commenting. Forms can also be filled out and digitally signed. With improved security and permissions management, files are also better protected against unauthorized access.

Teamwork with OneDrive

OneDrive is the practical tool for working on projects across teams. Users edit documents, spreadsheets and slides stored in Microsoft OneDrive together - in the office, in the home office or on the road simultaneously in the MobiDrive Cloud. Existing Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox accounts can also be linked to Office for Mac via OneDrive. Comprehensive management options for granting access and modification rights ensure that critical data and information remain protected from unauthorized access, even in the cloud.

Accessibility in Office programs

Accessibility is now an integral part of assisted computing - for authors as well as for readers of documents and emails. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as OneNote, offer streamlined accessibility checks in Office 2021 Standard for Mac that make documents easier to understand and thus improve collaboration with other users.

This includes support for international authoring standards, as well as practical suggestions for structuring and presenting text. By activating the "Check accessibility" function, a list of warnings or errors is displayed in the respective program, supplemented by tips and recommendations for improvement. When planning appointments with business partners in other locations, Outlook can ensure that international recipients are present by displaying the time zone.

Users of Office 2021 Standard for Mac also benefit from the many options for making work easier: the "Ease of use" section includes a wide selection of sounds with "Provide feedback with sound" to activate audio cues. For improved concentration, Word in Office 2021 Standard for Mac also includes Dark themes Dark Gray and Black: choosing a more subtle background can reduce distractions and improve focus on tasks; and enabling Text-to-Speech can read content from documents and emails aloud while working and on the go.

Special features in Office 2021 Standard for Mac for admins

In addition to the pure benefits for users, the Office 2021 Standard for Mac edition is expected to once again provide system administrators with practical features that were already available in the previous version to enable easier administration of users while also providing increased security:

  • With GPO or Group Policy Object, admins have effective group policies available to secure Office via ADMX templates, these provide improved security when controlling updates as well as macros in documents.
  • In addition, the update control itself includes activation options for feature and function updates as well as for security-relevant quality updates such as patches and hotfixes: for example, important feature updates can be ignored and essential updates can be deferred for up to 5 weeks.
  • By using the Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services provided in Office for Mac, the software can also be used on an older Mac.

All individual programs of MS Office 2021 Standard for Mac at a glance

With the Standard Edition of Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac, users of Apple devices once again have access to the classic, indispensable office programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as Outlook, which impress with their diverse application possibilities like no other office software:

  • Word 2021 contains everything for the professional creation of text documents for many uses - practical tools such as the "Review" function facilitate the correct use or understanding of foreign words directly in a document, and Microsoft Academic Search facilitates correct citation.
  • Excel 2021 offers even more possibilities for illustrating, for example, map and funnel diagrams with the PowerPivot as well as PowerQuery extensions, including synchronous collaboration in real time on Excel sheets and spreadsheets. Data Loss Protection protects confidential data in compliance with EU data protection regulations.
  • With each new edition,PowerPoint 2021 again provides more interesting visual effects to breathe life into presentations, including animations such as zooms and morphing transitions; plus new icons, SVG vector files and 3D models to visualize content. The text marker familiar from Word can also be used for this purpose in PowerPoint.
  • Outlook 2021 reliably sorts the daily flood of e-mails in companies with intelligent tools that automatically sort e-mails according to their importance and relevance. The text-to-speech function, which reads messages aloud, saves time. Data Loss Protection also protects critical data in Outlook attachments from being sent and accessed by unauthorized persons

System requirements for installing and using MS Office 2021 Standard for Mac

Below you will find information about the known system requirements and applicable terms of use that apply to the new edition of MS Office 2021 Standard for Mac, you may also need to follow additional instructions when using it after the official release.

Hardware requirements for MS Office 2021 Standard for Mac

Office 2021 Standard for Mac is the version of Microsoft Office suite that runs on Mac computers with the new Apple Silicon processor. However, it can also be used on Macs with Intel processors. The previous 32-bit version no longer applies, so the software can only be installed on 64-bit based devices. Overall, therefore, the following minimum requirements must be observed:

  • Operating systems: Office for Mac 2021 is supported by the three most current versions of macOS. Currently, these are Monterey, Big Sur, and Catalina; Mojave support is expected to be discontinued or no longer updated
  • Processor: Intel processor or Apple Silicon processor
  • Hard drive space: 10 GB
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics card: DirectX 9 or higher
  • Screen resolution: 1,024 x 768 pixels

Licensing of Microsoft Office 2021 Standard for Mac

One license of the Standard edition of Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac entitles you to use it on one Apple device. This can also include the installation of a software copy on a network server in order to use it remotely or via Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with an appropriately licensed end device.

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