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Microsoft Project 2016 Professional We can provide you with your volume license of...mehr

Microsoft Project 2016 Professional

We can provide you with your volume license of Microsoft Project 2016 Professional at favorable prices
Microsoft Project is a software that is suitable for planning, monitoring and controlling projects. This software solution has been around since 1984. With the Professional version of Microsoft Project 2016 you can not only create new projects, but also assign specific tasks to your employees with the project manager software. By connecting this tool to a server environment, Microsoft Project 2016 Professional is adapted to current enterprise management requirements.

What does Microsoft Project 2016 Professional offer you?

The software is optimally adapted to the current Windows. The new menuband has numerous functions that can be accessed even faster and thus a new project can be integrated even better and easier. Of course, Gantt charts or bar charts can easily be created with Microsoft Project 2016 Professional. This allows all the necessary tasks that need to be completed in the project within a specified period of time to be displayed clearly. The most important modules include
- efficient appointment management,
- a resource management and
- a reporting system

The schedule management of the Project 2016 software

Based on the defined tasks, Microsoft Project 2016 Professional provides you with tailor-made deadlines with the help of scheduling. Possible finish dates are defined on the basis of a start date. However, the start dates can also be calculated in good time on the basis of the finish date. During planning, public holidays, buffer times, key dates as well as date and resource restrictions are taken into account. Here you can define when a task must be started by when at the latest and how much float time you still have. You can also clearly see how possible delays affect the overall schedule. Individual tasks or milestones can be moved individually in order to achieve the best possible results.

Information about the resource management of the Microsoft Project 2016 Professional

Within the framework of Microsoft Project 2016 Professional's resource management, you can determine the possible costs of your project and the workload for this and display them clearly. The resources are classified according to work, material and costs. In addition, the employees involved in the project are considered under work resources. The working hours are included in the calculation. Travel costs, for example, can be assigned to the individual project stages as so-called direct costs.

The reporting system for project monitoring

After you have created the planning via Microsoft Project 2016 Professional, the tool saves a baseline plan that continuously shows you a target/actual comparison during the ongoing project. As a project manager, you can use this to display the completion value after entering the previous milestones. Here it is also possible to make the aforementioned Gantt charts, network diagrams and calendar representations. Data export to Microsoft Visio or Excel is possible at any time.

How do you get Microsoft Project 2016 Professional?

Nowadays, you no longer have to install your software cumbersomely via a data carrier. You will receive a German license for a full version of Microsoft Project 2016 Professional. This is a volume license of a company, so that you can benefit from particularly favourable prices. Nevertheless, after activation this license can be used without restrictions and is also provided by Microsoft with regular updates.

Which system requirements do you need?

To work efficiently, a computer with a 500 MHz processor or faster is recommended. The main memory should be at least 256 MB or more. Microsoft Project 2016 Professional is executable from Windows XP SP3 and 32 bit. But also Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, 8 and 10 in 32 and 64 bit versions can be used.

For the installation you need at least 3 GB of hard disk space. For optimal display, your monitor should have a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels. If you want to use the graphics acceleration of your graphics card, DirectX10 is necessary. Interestingly, you can also use Microsoft Project 2016 Professional with a multi-touch display.

Use with mobile devices is also planned. This allows you to access important project data directly on site.

If you want to get an exact overview of your projects, you should buy Microsoft Project 2016 Professional here. After a short training period you will find that you can save a lot of time and money with this solution. Therefore use our convenient download option and order your personal license key.
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