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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 User-CAL With Microsoft Windows Server 2016 User Cal,...mehr
Product information "MICROSOFT WINDOWS SERVER 2016 USER CAL"

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 User-CAL

With Microsoft Windows Server 2016 User Cal, Microsoft has taken server administration on computers to a new level. With the updated version, working, setting up and maintaining servers has become much easier and more secure, which also has a positive effect on the efficiency of a company. This article explains exactly what Microsoft Windows Server 2016 User Cal is, what it can be used for, and what you should be aware of during installation.

What exactly can Microsoft Windows Server 2016 User Cal be used for?

Microsoft Windows Server is an operating system from Microsoft. This operating system is specially optimized for servers and facilitates the administration, setup and maintenance of these devices. It should not be installed on an ordinary computer, as it offers other requirements and functions that would not fit on an ordinary desktop PC. With Microsoft Windows Server, the user can set up a server, monitor file transactions and give other employees or users access to the server. Typically, Microsoft Windows Server is used by larger companies and enterprises that have a variety of servers to back up and store data. However, this software is also available for private use, such as a dedicated server for your personal website or for making backups.

What exactly does "User Cal" mean?

The Microsoft Windows Server software is available in two different license versions: "Device Cal" and "User Cal". With "Device Cal", Microsoft Windows Server can be installed on a computer and is then bound to that computer. However, an unlimited number of users can then log on to this computer and use the operating system. The "User Cal" version is bound to a user and not to a computer. This means that a user can log in on different computers on which Microsoft Windows Server is installed.

What should be considered when installing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 User Cal?

The operating system can be installed either from a USB stick or from a CD. It is important that the medium is bootable, so that the computer can recognize the medium from BIOS and start the installation. Both installation and working with Microsoft Windows Server can be done either as GUI or in the form of a terminal (command line). The terminal is usually suitable for advanced users, in the GUI version settings can be made more easily and quickly. Most companies then use the server remotely via SSH connection.

Does the computer have to meet certain hardware requirements to run this operating system?

In order for Microsoft Windows Server to function smoothly, the computer should meet a number of technical requirements. First and foremost, the processor should have a minimum clock rate of about 1.4 GHz. The higher the clock rate and the more cores the processor has, the better the operating system can function. Furthermore, about 32 GB of hard disk space is required, whereby an SSD can also increase the performance of the system. A minimum of 512 MB of RAM is also required. In general, most servers already have more RAM installed by default - the higher the worker, the better and faster the server can work.
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