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Device CALs for Remote Desktop Services to Windows Server 2016 buy used In order to use the...mehr

Device CALs for Remote Desktop Services to Windows Server 2016 buy used

In order to use the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) of Windows Server 2016, a corresponding RDS Client Access License (RDS CAL) is required for each user in order to be able to access the Windows programs etc. in the company network locally and independently. A conventional CAL for Windows Server does not cover these rights. One possibility are Device CALs for Remote Desktop Services, which regulate access for a specific registered end device (device) for a remote desktop session. RDS Device 2016 CALs as used software from Wiresoft have the advantage of a lower price compared to RDS CALs from traditional license providers. They offer the same functionalities as the client access licenses for Remote Desktop Services defined in the official Microsoft Volume Licensing Program for a Windows Server.

What are the benefits of RDS CALs for Windows Server 2016?

Remote Desktop Services - referred to as Terminal Services in previous versions - is a dedicated server role for users who use Windows Server 2016 services, etc., or other server versions without the respective Windows programs installed on the local machine. CALs for RDS 2016 govern this access, they are provided to the licensed endpoint via the appropriate Windows Server as a host in the context of a remote desktop session. Any user using a PC or laptop etc. that has a corresponding client access license - i.e. an RDS Device CAL - can use it via this locally independently (remotely), but also at the company network location via an Internet connection.

Benefits of Remote Desktop Service Device CALs to Windows Server 2016 for Users

Every user who uses a registered end device with an RDS Device CAL for Windows Server 2016 can access a standardized Windows working environment for every session. During a remote desktop session, Windows programs are run through the host on the corresponding server; this is done separately from other client connections so that a user only sees their own session.

With the RDS Device CAL 2016, users can also use older endpoints whose hardware or performance is weaker, as they use the power of the Windows server via Remote Desktop Services; Remote Desktop Service CALs 2016 for endpoints thus make the provision of more powerful hardware unnecessary.

Benefits of RDS CALs to Windows Server 2016 for Administrators

In addition to the benefits of RDS Device (and User) CALs 2016 for users, they also offer many practical features for administrators, as they make managing all users much more efficient: Windows software can thus be centrally deployed and managed in a corporate network, instead of installing it on each individual end device. This is done solely via the Windows server on which it is provided and also updated if necessary.

The RDS Device CALs also define the respective rights for the licensed end device, so that authorized users can only access the server with the appropriate access rights. The effort for maintenance and provisioning of workstations is thus significantly reduced with the RDS Device CALs for Windows Server 2016.

Technical information about the Remote Desktop Service Device CALs for Windows Server 2016

The deployment or use of RDS Device CALs for remote connections to a Windows Server involves various functions, in addition, the compatibility of CAL and server must also be taken into account.

Server roles of Remote Desktop Services

Device (as well as User) CALs for Windows Server 2016 RDS contain multiple roles that together allow a licensed endpoint or user to use Windows programs, etc:

  • Remote Desktop Licensing Manager is used to manage or provide the use of the RDS for Endpoint with Device CAL for the server.
  • For each session, the Remote Desktop session host manages the desktops or programs that are made available to an endpoint (or user).
  • The Remote Desktop Connection Broker provides the RDS connection for a session, and in the event of a drop during a session, it also re-establishes the connection.
  • The Remote Desktop Gateway is used on a public network to control access via the endpoint to a Windows desktop.
  • TheWeb Access for Remote Desktop Services provides access for specific users or groups via RDS CAL through a web portal.

Version Compatibility of Remote Desktop Service Device CALs for Windows Server 2016

Each RDS CAL - whether for adevice or for a user - must be compatible with the version of Windows Server that is connected to. For RDS-CALs for Windows Server 2016, this means that they can be used to access Windows Server 2016 OR an older version of Windows Server (downgrade). However, an RDS-CAL 2016 cannot be used to access a higher version of Windows Server. This requires a corresponding CAL version of Remote Desktop Services.

Comparison of Device CALs vs. User CALs for Remote Desktop Services of Windows Server 2016

Basically, as already indicated, the deployment of a particular Microsoft Server software such as version 2016 is separate from its actual use - this always requires one of the two corresponding client access licenses. The access rights for the use of Windows Server are regulated by Microsoft in its own licensing system, which is based on the Client Access Licences or CALs.

In addition to the conventional access licenses for a Windows Server, Device or User CALs are also required for Remote Desktop Services in order to also have local independent - remote - access to the Windows Server via the Web. The RDS CAL system offers server administrators not only the differentiated management of access rights, but it also means additional security, since foreign users or unregistered end devices without this access license (RDS Device CAL) have no access to the available server services or data.

Microsoft offers two different types of CALs for Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services:

  • Device CAL for RDS: this gives access rights to a specific end device (PC, Laptop, Table, Mobile)
  • User CAL for RDS: this provides a specific user with access rights

Typical features of a Device CAL for Remote Desktop Services 2016

The RDS Device CAL is only valid for a single, dedicated end device that is registered for it. With the Device CAL for Remote Desktop Services, each Remote Desktop session controls its access rights to the Windows server or host. Any employee using the PC, laptop, etc. equipped with the RDS Device CAL is eligible for Remote Desktop Services for Windows Server 2016. For laptops, tablets or other mobile devices that can be used regardless of location, the RDS Device CAL offers the advantage that the respective user has the option of making use of the RDS at the company location, on the road or in the home office.

When a connection is first established between the client computer and the end device, a temporary access license is granted for each device in licensing mode. When a remote desktop session connects to a server as a host for the second time, a permanent Device RDS CAL is issued for the device - provided one is available from the Remote Desktop Licensing Manager.

Overview of all features of RDS Device CALs for Windows Server 2016

  • The Device CAL is always physically assigned to a specific endpoint device - rather than a specific user
  • Each RDS Device CAL is tracked by the specific license server,
  • regardless of Active Directory enrollment
  • Temporary RDS CALs for endpoints are valid for between 52 and 89 days
  • The number of Device CALs specified at any one time cannot be overused


From the foregoing, the answer to the question of which type of Remote Desktops Service CAL offers more benefits in an organization depends on the individual case. The decision for a form of RDS client access licensing must be made before the purchase, because it is not possible to change a Device CAL into a User CAL or vice versa afterwards. When purchasing RDS Device CALs, the number of employees and workstations plays a role: As soon as several employees share an end device or work predominantly stationary, then the Device CAL for RDS offers the greater advantage.

Buy Microsoft Device CALs for Remote Desktop Services 2016 as a single license at Wiresoft in our online shop

RDS Device CALs for Windows Server 2016 are already available as a single license in the Wiresoft Online Shop - as used software, they also have a particularly favorable price, without this meaning any disadvantages in terms of usability.

What are used RDS Device CALs for Windows Server 2016?

The Device CALs for Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services offered in the Wiresoft Online Shop are typical access licenses, they originate from a corresponding volume license for end devices that a company has previously purchased. Any endpoint access licenses that were not needed, or even the entire volume license, were bought out by Wiresoft, with the volume license being broken up and offered in the store as RDS Client Access Individual Device Licenses.

By splitting and reselling these CALs, they are then labeled as used software. This does not imply any general wear and tear on the functionality of the RDS Device CAL, nor does it imply any restriction on its usability in terms of features or duration.

What security do Remote Desktop Services Device CALs for Windows Server 2016 offer as used software?

At Wiresoft, buying used RDS CALs for customers is not only cheaper, but also secure! A Single User CAL for Remote Desktop Services of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is not only available for a lower price compared to comparable new software, but also offers buyer security with the instant download including license activation through the included valid volume license key.

RDS Device CALs for Windows Server 2016 offered by Wiresoft come exclusively from license inventories of companies or organizations located in the EU, which means that EU law applies to these transactions. This means that both the purchase of CALs for RDS or other Microsoft client access licenses as used software, as well as their use for our customers is legally protected and therefore does not mean a violation of legal provisions, because the sale or purchase as well as the use of RDS CALs is legally permitted, which has been clearly confirmed again and again by various court decisions.

Your advantages with Device CALs for Remote Desktop Services 2016 as used software

Wiresoft's offer of RDS Device CALs for Windows Server 2016 - or other client access licenses - as used software not only provides our customers with a lower-priced alternative to comparable commercially available offers for licensing remote access to Windows Server services, but also with a free choice of the number of CALs required.

Furthermore, Wiresoft offers the possibility to purchase RDS CALs for Windows Server 2016 as well as earlier or newer versions of corresponding licenses for Windows Server in the online shop. This allows you to purchase RDS client access licenses for older Windows Server versions as well, thus avoiding compatibility issues or the need to purchase new hardware. Benefit from the wide Wiresoft used software offer of different versions of RDS CALs for Windows Server!

In the Wiresoft Software Shop you will find Device and User CALs for Windows Server as well as other Microsoft Server programs and client access licenses - always at low prices as used software and with instant download. If you have any questions about RDS Device CALs for Windows Server 2016 or any other Microsoft product, please contact us via chat, email or phone.

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