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10 User CALs for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 as used software In order to access the server...mehr
Product information "MICROSOFT EXCHANGE SERVER 2016 - 10 PACK USER CAL"

10 User CALs for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 as used software

In order to access the server services of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 in the editions Standard and Enterprise, each user requires a personal client access license in addition to the actual server license: the Exchange Server 2016 User CAL. This alone gives a specific person registered for this purpose the corresponding access rights.

According to Microsoft license management regulations, the license for Exchange Server 2016 Standard or Enterprise does not include any additional user rights, which must therefore be purchased separately in the form of a User CAL. A registered user can then use the respective Exchange Server functions via a freely selectable end device.

Used User CALs for Exchange Server 2016 Standard and Enterprise Editions are available at a reasonable price from Wiresoft - also individually for flexible, needs-based licensing. This used software offers the same functionalities as the User Client Access Licenses for Exchange Server 2016 offered as new via the official Microsoft Volume Licensing Program.

Use all functions of MS Exchange Server 2016 with a used User CAL

Exchange Server 2016 forms the basis for controlling and managing processes of the communication system in a modern company. It connects employees and departments across locations as an internal and external interface and increases the effectiveness of processes: With Exchange Server 2016, contacts as well as e-mails can be centrally managed and clearly archived; joint work on documents is thereby improved by version management, among other things. The optimized server architecture reduces the number of server roles to two: mailbox and edge transport; scaling has also been simplified and support for various cloud services has been improved. Other features:

  • The eDiscovery search architecture now uses multiple servers, making it work asynchronously and in a decentralized manner.
  • Contextual filters help make it easier to find the information you're looking for.
  • Improved search scalability increases the number of searchable mailboxes as well as archive mailboxes to a total of 20,000.
  • Outlook 2016 or Outlook on the Web provides better management when sending data, including customized access rights.
  • Support for hybrid mailbox scenarios.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provides enhanced security of data as well as when receiving emails with malware.
  • Outlook's default protocol - MAPI over HTTP - improves the reliability and stability of Exchange connections.

Overview of User CALs for Exchange Server 2016 Standard- and Enterprise Edition as used software

Basically, User CALs offered by Wiresoft as used software are no different from comparable new CALs: they include the same capabilities as these to use the services available in each of the Exchange Server 2016 editions Standard and Enterprise. Therefore, for User CALs, pre-owned software is a cost-effective alternative for many companies and organizations to provide employees with an Exchange Server access license. All advantages and special features are explained in the following overview.

About Microsoft License Management for Exchange Server 2016 with CALs

Microsoft License Management contains the provisions for supplemental licensing of users with access rights in the Standard and Enterprise editions of Exchange Server 2016 to access email, etc. The CALs already included in the server license are for administrators only and may not be used for Exchange-type services. Only a client access license such as the User CAL thus gives an employee the personal rights to use the Exchange Server functions - on any Windows-enabled end device. This User CAL does not include any additional software besides the personal access rights for the Exchange Server 2016 client/server environment.

What CALs are available for Exchange Server 2016 Standard- and Enterprise editions?

CAL-based licensing for the Standard and Enterprise editions of Exchange Server 2016 allows you to manage access rights for all employees in an organization. The Microsoft licensing model offers two types of CALs for Exchange Server 2016:

  • User CAL for Exchange Server 2016 - applies to one dedicated user
  • Device CAL for Exchange Server 2016 - applies to one dedicated endpoint device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone) Server access rights

What are the differences between User CALs and Device CALs for Exchange Server 2016?

A User CAL for Exchange Server 2016 basically offers the same features as the Device CAL - but both differ in the respective options when accessing the Exchange Server. This results in the different benefits:

Every employee authorized to access with a User CAL can use any Windows-capable end device to make use of the Exchange services. There are also no restrictions with regard to location, as long as an Internet connection is available, so that it is possible to access the Exchange Server locally independently either with one's own mobile computer or smartphone while on the road and at homeOffice, or also via another computer available on site.

The User CAL therefore offers good mobile usage options, as the licensed user is free to choose which end device he uses, and he can also log in to it on a third-party computer.

In addition to the number of employees and the equipment of the workstations with a PC or similar, the workflow in which the users access the Exchange Server also plays a role in a company: Especially in SMBs, users can often share several different end devices and use them to access the Exchange Server in turn to retrieve and manage e-mails.

What are the differences in CALs for Exchange Server 2016 for the editions Standard and Enterprise?

User CALs for MS Exchange Server 2016 differ depending on the Standard and Enterprise editions by certain functional enhancements as well as in the scalability of the edition-typical mailbox requirements for Enterprise. However, it is possible to use the server services of the Enterprise Edition with a User CAL for the Standard Edition - in this case, the user has the correspondingly limited functionality of the Standard Edition available, as well as the smaller number of mailbox databases. User CALs for the Enterprise Edition therefore offer, in conjunction with the Enterprise Server license, a greater range of functions, as required in particular in larger companies and organizations or institutions; this includes, among other things, data loss prevention.

Pay attention to version compatibility of User CALs for Exchange Server 2016

In addition to the above-mentioned options depending on the edition, the User CAL for one of the Exchange Server 2016 editions not only equips a user with the access rights for exactly this server version, but also includes the access rights for older Exchange versions, such as 2013 (downgrade). However, a User CAL for the 2016 server version cannot be used to access the higher Exchange Server version 2019 (upgrade).

Therefore, when purchasing User CALs, in addition to the edition-specific available functionalities, you should always pay attention to the compatibility of the server license and client access licenses used.

What should be considered when licensing Exchange Server 2016 with User CALs?

As mentioned, a User CAL of version 2016 equips exactly one user with personal access rights for Exchange Server 2016. After the registration of this user has been completed, this User CAL can no longer be transferred to another person. It is also excluded to change the CAL type, in this case: to use the User CAL as Device CAL.

These Microsoft License Management provisions are intended to prevent any improper access to Exchange Server 2016 services. They also provide greater security for an organization and its communications, as unlicensed individuals have no rights to use the email services and access server data.

Conclusion on User CALs for Exchange Server 2016

So, which CAL type for Windows Exchange Server 2016 offers more benefits for the specific deployment in an organization may vary from case to case. A decisive role is played by the predominant type of access via the end devices used: As soon as the majority of employees alternately use different mobile end devices or stand-alone devices, which can be located at different workplaces or outside the company, to access the Windows Exchange Server, the person-bound User CAL offers more advantages, because the user is free to choose the computer and only needs to use his personal account.

Knowing the company's typical workflow is therefore the starting point for choosing the right CAL type for Exchange Server 2016. For a company, licensing with User CALs may therefore be more cost-effective than with Device CALs, because fewer licenses are required overall.

Used User CALs for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 - available from a single license in the Wiresoft Online Shop

User CALs for Exchange Server 2016 are also available as single client access licenses in the Wiresoft Online Shop - possible Microsoft volume licensing provisions regarding a tiering do not apply to used licenses; otherwise, there are no disadvantages or restrictions in usability associated with them - not only because a software cannot wear out in principle.

Where does Wiresoft used software for User CALs for Exchange Server 2016 come from?

The User CALs for MS Exchange Server 2016 offered by Wiresoft as used are original Microsoft licenses, as they are also offered within the Microsoft licensing program; the only difference to these is that the used User CALs were previously part of a volume license for Exchange Server 2016, which a European company previously acquired as owner. This user volume license or individual user access licenses that were not needed were resold by the latter to Wiresoft, whereby Wiresoft dissolved the volume licenses into single licenses. These resulting Single User CALs are labeled as used software, despite this labeling as used licenses they can be used like a new license for access to Exchange Server 2016, because they do not differ from those neither by restrictions in functionality nor in the time of use.

User CALs for Exchange Server 2016 as used software offer buyer security

The User CALs for Exchange Server 2016 offered by Wiresoft as used software are a cost-effective form of licensing for Exchange Server 2016 for customers, because their use is secure and legal! Used User CALs therefore also contain the usual buyer security: with immediate download after the completed purchase including immediate license activation via valid volume license key.

Is the purchase and use of used software with User CALs for Exchange Server 2016 legal?

The User CALs for Exchange Server 2016 offered by Wiresoft, as well as all other client access licenses, come from the license inventory of various companies. Thus, when trading with used CALs, the valid jurisdiction applies, which explicitly allows the purchase and sale as well as the use of Microsoft used licenses, this has been clearly confirmed again and again by various court rulings.

Thus, Wiresoft customers have legal security with used User CALs for Exchange Server 2016 as a buyer and also as a user, since no legal provisions are violated by them in the process.

Another advantage: The used software from Wiresoft is also audit-proof due to a complete proof of all previous buyers!

Overview of all advantages of User CALs for Exchange Server 2016 as used software

User CALs for Exchange Server 2016 as used software from Wiresoft are a low-priced alternative compared to comparable new products from conventional software providers - this advantage also applies to the corresponding access licenses for other server software from Microsoft.

When licensing with used CALs, there are also no restrictions such as a scale in which User CALs must be purchased, so that you can thus license the exact number of employees tailored to your actual use of the server services. Wiresoft customers can therefore also reduce their user access licensing costs for Exchange Server through flexible customization.

In Wiresoft Software Shop, you can find User CALs for Exchange Server 2016 as well as Device CALs, as well as both types of client access licenses as used software for other versions of MS Exchange Server, and also software licenses plus access licenses for many other popular Microsoft Server programs. Wiresoft's used licenses therefore represent an economical way of supplementing the software inventory in other business areas at a reasonable price, which also avoids compatibility problems that could possibly be caused by the use of non-uniform software versions and thus reduces the costs for new hardware.

In addition to the different types of server licenses, you can also find other Microsoft software programs as Used Software in the Wiresoft Software Shop - with all the advantages mentioned above. If you have any questions about User CALs for MS Exchange Server 2016 or any other Microsoft product, please feel free to contact us via chat, email or phone.

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