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Visual Studio for Mac 2017 - professional developer software for macOS in the purchase version...mehr
Product information "MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO 2017 FOR MAC"

Visual Studio for Mac 2017 - professional developer software for macOS in the purchase version

Visual Studio 2017 for Mac in Professional Edition provides users with powerful features and productivity enhancements to the IDE to create cross-platform apps for macOS, Android, iOS, tvOS, or watchOS - on the mobile and desktop, on the web and in the cloud - with all the development, debugging, and refactoring tools in Microsoft, including graphical designers, code completion, source code management, and version control.

In addition to older development languages such as C and C++ and more recent variants such as C#, Visual Studio for Mac 2017 also supports Apple Metal, iOS, JavaScript, and other Web standards. Integrated live support for each language speeds up code writing, and debugging capabilities reduce the time spent developing apps. The quick view of the structure makes it easy for developers to navigate through the structure of a code, a central error list lists bugs during compilation and building as well as domain-specific problems for some languages by means of live analysis of the code during input.

Not only have key features such as IntelliSense, CodeLens, and refactoring been enhanced in Visual Studio for Mac Professional 2017, but code navigation and code correction have also been improved, making it easier for developers to work with code by highlighting code changes, references, and more in the Editor.

Who should use Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Professional?

The Visual Studio 2017 for Mac edition is designed for professional developers who want to take advantage of the powerful features of Microsoft software on a Mac operating system, whether working alone or in a team. With support for Xamarin in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac, certain minimum requirements also apply to the macOS operating systems, see below for details.

Wiresoft offers Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Professional at a special low price as used software in the form of a single license. Developers can thus benefit from all the advantages of the efficient Microsoft software on their own Mac without any subscription obligation. In addition to Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Professional, the Wiresoft Software Online Shop also offers other versions of Visual Studio for Mac as single licenses in the purchase version, as well as many other Microsoft programs in the macOS version. The following overview shows the latest features and additions to Visual Studio 2017 for Mac

What does Visual Studio 2017 for Mac offer?

Ready to start, the 2017 edition of Visual Studio for Mac differs from the previous version in reduced boot times and faster startup for sessions and loading solutions. It also recognizes templates for projects and elements faster than before.

Brief overview of the IDE for macOS

Visual Studio for Mac features several distinct sections for managing applications, preferences, and creating and debugging code: The integrated toolbar on the Welcome page provides direct access to find recently opened solutions, open and create projects, configure apps, and view errors. Also available here is a news feed with new information for developers.

Languages and developer types supported in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac

Visual Studio 2017 for Mac supports many of the file types integrated in the Windows version, such as .csproj, .fsproj and .sln, as well as EditorConfig. In particular, Visual Studio 2017 for Mac supports development types such as ASP.NET Core Web applications in C#, F#, .NET Core console applications in C# or F#, pages created with Razor, and JavaScript and TypeScript. Furthermore, cross-platform Unity applications or games in C# as well as Android, iOS, tvOS and watchOS applications in Xamarin with C#, F# or XAML and also Cocoa desktop apps in C# or F#, besides web standards such as HTML, CSS and JSON. This allows Mac developers to always work in the integrated development environment that best suits their needs.

Many in the Windows-The functions and features included in the Mac version are also included in the Mac version, including the Roslyn Compiler platform used for refactoring and IntelliSense, MSBuild for Project System and build engine, and TextMate for the source editor. Mac users can also use the same engines for debugging Xamarin and .NET core apps, and the same designers for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

Source code management in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac with Git

Visual Studio 2017 for Mac offers two systems for managing source code: Besides Subversion, this is mainly Git, the freely usable Standard was integrated into this version of the program, which allows several developers of a team to work on projects at the same time. Repositories can be managed directly in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac using buttons built into the IDE to transfer and publish code to a Git service. New push and commit features and SSH support extend the IDE's ability to use Visual Studio 2017 for Mac for Git tasks.

Get the big picture with CodeLens in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Professional

The CodeLens feature is specifically designed to help developers keep track of every point in a project without having to leave the code. With CodeLens they can easily navigate directly to the individual functions. In addition, CodeLens in the editor not only shows all changes to the code, but also names the last developer who made changes and also indicates whether a test was passed at a certain point.

New refactoring capabilities in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac

Refactoring is one of the Standard when developing code in order to improve it afterwards without changing its behavior. Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Professional offers contextual actions and source analysis as well as other refactorings, such as overwriting, adding parameters (e.g. NULL checks) and arguments. Literals can now also be edited by inserting number separators and, especially for numeric literals, by changing the base from "hexadecimal" to "binary". In addition, Visual Studio 2017 for Mac offers the option to convert If statements to Switch statements and to remove unused variables.

Debugging in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac - with a focus on Xamarin

Visual Studio for Mac 2017 uses the Mono soft debugger for debugging, which is integrated into the Mono runtime to debug managed code across all platforms. It also provides a native debugger for Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac, and Xamarin.Android-based applications. Included are extensive quick views for special types, such as sizes, coordinates and bezier curves, as well as strings, colors and URLs.

Specifically for Xamarin applications, Visual Studio 2017 for Mac includes the Xamarin Forms Previewer, which allows developers to instantly preview the impact of a line of code on an application in a live preview. Xamarin Forms also includes improvements to IntelliSense for XAML, including support for bindings, converters, properties, controls, and more.

Instant control with IntelliSense in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac

The IntelliSense feature automatically completes APIs as they are typed using available IntelliSense completion lists, making developer processes not only faster but also more accurate. IntelliSense also allows APIs in general to be analyzed more quickly by restricting the amount of values above da via categories. The tooltips make it easier to examine API definitions, indicate problems as they are entered, and mark the relevant locations with a wavy line.

Other benefits of IntelliSense include filters to remove certain unneeded members from the completion list. The IntelliSense completion lists for C# in particular have tokens such as "Complete Word" or "List Member" and also provide quick access to members of a certain type, code snippets, and the names of variables, functions, and commands.

Hardware and other requirements for Visual Studio 2017 for Mac

The minimum requirements for installing and running Visual Studio 2017 for Mac are listed below; for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac projects, other operating system requirements may apply:

  • Operating systems: macOS Mojave 10.14, macOS Sierra 10.12, Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11
  • Processor: at least 1.8 GHz or faster; dual-core or better recommended
  • Working memory: min. 4 GB RAM; 8 GB RAM recommended
  • Hard disk space: at least 1 GB or 5.6 GB

Additional requirements:

  • For certain .NET Core features: .NET Core SDK 1.1
  • Xamarin.Android: 64 Bit Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Xamarin.iOS: Apple Xcode-IDE and iOS-SDK, for Xcode 10.2 macOS Mojave 10.14 is required
  • Xamarin.Forms: Use for Android or iOS platforms under the mentioned requirements

Supported languages:

  • German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Czech, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean

Buy a single license of Visual Studio 2017 for Mac from Wiresoft Online Shop

The single license of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for Mac for the Professional Edition is available in the Wiresoft online shop as used software at a particularly favourable special price. The license offered for purchase is a volume license of Visual Studio 2017 for Mac, formerly purchased by a company. When it was sold to Wiresoft, this license was dissolved and converted into individual licenses, which were also marked as "Used Software". Neither the splitting of the underlying volume license nor the re-labelling as Used Software of this Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Professional Software entails any restrictions as to the scope of functions or validity.

These licenses of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for Mac and all other individual software licenses offered by Wiresoft originate exclusively from companies domiciled in Europe, to which EU law therefore applies. Any purchase of used software of Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Professional or any other Microsoft program in Wiresoft's software shop does not constitute a liability risk for our customers, since trading with used software is expressly permitted by law, which has also been clearly confirmed by corresponding court rulings. Furthermore, used software from Wiresoft is also audit-proof!

Buying software with Wiresoft is therefore always a safe purchase for you! This license of Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Professional offered in the Wiresoft Shop offers besides the big advantage of an absolutely low price also security by immediate download and license activation with the included valid volume license key.

In addition, the single license of used software such as Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Professional offers buyers an economical alternative to the usual new software offers and gives them the chance to use exclusive program editions - even in older versions. Therefore, you too can profit from our favourable offer of used software for Microsoft products!

In the Wiresoft software shop you will find the edition of Visual Studio 2017 for Mac as well as further versions of Visual Studio for Mac and other Microsoft applications for macOS as used software for immediate download. If you have any questions about Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Professional or any other macOS program from Microsoft, please use our competent advice in the chat or by e-mail or phone.

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