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MICROSOFT Remote Desktop Services 2012 R2 DEVICE CAL

MICROSOFT Remote Desktop Services 2012 R2 DEVICE CAL

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Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) RDS provides an easy way to give employees...mehr
Product information "MICROSOFT Remote Desktop Services 2012 R2 DEVICE CAL"

Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

RDS provides an easy way to give employees in your company a secure way to access company data. As a replacement for the previous terminal servers, Remote Desktop Services offer centralized virtualization using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology. This means that your IT department only has to maintain one server. It is possible to create different profiles for different users on the Microsoft server, which are then displayed according to the user's license. Although the users start a normal Windows on their computers, all data is stored on the server. The users log on to this server via a program and see a Standard as it is available on the server. From this point on, the user only works in this virtual environment without any data being transferred from the server to the user's computer. Customer data no longer needs to be stored on the user's computer, which is always a risk, but is only kept on the server, and the user can see it via virtualization. If there is a problem in the environment, there is no need to call out the entire IT department or block other resources. Since it is only a virtual environment, the problem only needs to be solved on the server. When users log back in, they can all see the updated error-free interface without having to wait any longer. There is also less risk of problems arising from software updates (including those from Windows itself). Windows Remote Desktop Services is less vulnerable because it requires only one environment to be maintained for many employees, reducing overhead and making everyone's work more efficient.

The remote desktop session host to which you connect decides for each user whether and which license is required to view the virtual desktop. It requests the license, and once a user or device license is handed over, the user can start working.

Buy a license on a user or device basis?

The licensing models are as flexible as you need them to be. If your employees are often on the road or work with different devices, a user CAL, i.e. a user-related license, is the best option. For shared computers, where several users share one PC, or where only one device is used per user, you should rather opt for a device CAL, i.e. a device-based license. If you are not sure which is the cheaper model for you, simply contact our support. Our service staff will be happy to help you. We will calculate the cheaper model for you, because maybe a mixture of licenses makes sense. Depending on how the different departments in your company work, user-related licenses may be better in one place and device-related licenses in another.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services 2012 R2 DEVICE CAL

The device license offered here entitles a PC to connect to the Microsoft server and thus use the services provided there. If your users are dealing with particularly sensitive data, a virtualization of the desktop is a good option. Each user works in a protected environment and the administration relieves your IT department.

If you need a user license,

Buy Microsoft Remote Desktop Services RDS Cal

Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is the successor to the old Terminal Server CALs. RDS is a centralized desktop and application platform that uses session virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technologies to deliver and manage desktops and connect remote workers. This enables you to increase flexibility and data security in your company with a centralized desktop solution, while at the same time relieving your IT department of the burden of managing desktops and applications.

Buy Device CAL or User CAL for Windows RDS Server?

If you want to buy a CAL for your Windows RDS server, you have the choice between the Device CAL and the User CAL. As the name suggests, the Device CAL is assigned to a device, while the User CAL is a personal license. The Device CAL is advantageous for companies whose employees only work from one workstation or with one PC or even share one PC with several employees. The User-CAL, on the other hand, is suitable for employees who work from different locations or with different devices and who need to be connected to the network with each device.

Our service staff will be happy to answer all your questions about Microsoft Remote Desktop Services 2012 R2 Device-CAL. Simply contact us - by phone or via our contact form. 

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