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Der Kinderschutzbund – Bundesverband

With every purchase at Wiresoft you support the Kinderschutzbund.

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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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MacOS  High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan

Word is THE classic, unsurpassed word processing program, which is not only appreciated by PC users, but also by Mac users. Its extensive possibilities in the creation as well as editing of texts of any kind leave virtually no wishes unfulfilled. The version   Word for Mac 2016 again contains a large number of tools and features that make it easier for professionals as well as beginners to create documents of all kinds: From reports, contracts and business letters to scientific documentation, from student reports and seminar papers to private written documents - offers suitable templates and formatting options for all text types. In addition, graphic elements such as tables, diagrams and images can be easily inserted. Business Word

For further questions about the product, please contact our customer service.

Product information "MICROSOFT WORD MAC 2016"

Microsoft Word for Mac 2016 - the efficient word processing program for macOS

Word is THE classic, unsurpassed word processing program that is appreciated not only by PC users, but also by Mac users. Its extensive possibilities for creating and editing texts of all kinds leave almost nothing to be desired.

The Word for Mac 2016 version again includes a variety of tools and features that make it easier for professionals and beginners alike to write documents of all kinds: From business reports, contracts, and business letters to scientific documentation, from student presentations and seminar papers to private documents - Word offers suitable templates and formatting options for all types of text. Graphic elements such as tables, diagrams and images can also be easily inserted.

Word for Mac 2016 also has a new look: Instead of the many previous template categories, the program now displays the four most important functions in the form of discreet icons: "New", "Recently used" and "Open" as well as "Account" for the Microsoft Cloud services, some of which are also available to Mac users.

While the styles were previously displayed in free-floating windows, the 2016 version of Microsoft Word for Mac now displays them in the document window in the sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen. Another particularly practical feature is that a larger Word document can be opened in two windows at the same time, allowing a user to keep an eye on one text passage while editing another and make changes if necessary.

Word 2016 for Mac has also been optimized for working on a text document together in a team. Via the Microsoft cloud service OneDrive, which can also be used by Mac users, it is possible to make Word files available online in real time. Before uploading, individual release or usage rights can be assigned for each text, in particular to ensure the protection of sensitive data on the network.

Word 2016 for Mac is available in the Wiresoft software shop as a purchase version at a special price, without any further subscription obligations. Below you will find an overview of the most important functions for efficient word processing, which the popular Office offers you at purchase.

Special new application features in Word for Mac 2016

Word 2016 for Mac includes many general improvements to existing features as well as a host of new features. Especially in the field functions, the enhanced input options make it easier to work on documents that contain a lot of variable data. These can be automatically updated in Word files. Users are familiar with the simpler typical field information such as page numbers, numbering, and footnotes, but the new field functions also allow more complex automations to be used, such as tables of contents and mathematical calculations with current numbers and others:

  • DocProperty: Especially in texts in which, for example, product and brand names or other names that occur frequently in a document and should always be written the same way, such as in a user manual or in advertising texts, the DocProperty field function makes text work easier. Such terms can be entered centrally in Word for Mac 2016 and inserted into a document via a field variable, as well as changed again.
  • DocVariable: The DocVariable field function can be used by Microsoft Visual Basic for the programming language of applications. It can be used to display the content of a document variable in the document.
  • Database: With Database, the results of a database query can be automatically entered into a Word table via SQL (Structured Query Language). Via the database field, the query can be restarted to update the table contents.
  • CreateDate: The field function CreateDate is used to enter the date and time of the first saving of a Word document under its current name. This information will not be changed during later editing, but will be retained.
  • Bibliography: Especially useful for texts with extensive source information: The Bibliography field displays a complete list of data sources assigned to a specific Word document, sorted alphabetically. This list is formatted according to the previously selected bibliography format.
  • IncludeText: The IncludeText field allows you to insert standard formulations into a text, which were previously defined for this field. This saves users the more complicated copy and paste.
  • IncludePicture: Similar to the field function IncludeText, IncludePicture can be used to insert graphics into a Word document.
  • MacroButton: The MacroButton field inserts a previously defined macro command into the text. This function makes it easier to create mail merges and forms.

Other new individual features in Word for Mac 2016

In addition to the specific new Word features, the 2016 Mac version also includes a number of other handy tools and features, all of which are designed to help Mac users collaborate on a document:

"Version History" for easier collaboration on Word documents

In the context of projects, several users often work simultaneously in the cloud on a Word document. This often makes it difficult to keep track of all changes that have just been made by the other users. The "Version History" feature in Word for Mac 2016 makes tracking easier because it allows a user to view a version history of any Word document. This includes not only the ability to view older editing states, but also to reopen them for further editing.

Share Word documents more easily

Word for Mac in the 2016 version makes it even easier to share texts with other users. For this purpose there is now a "Share" function in the ribbon. It contains various options for assigning individual permissions to each Word document and each recipient - in addition to read-only permissions, these include permissions for editing or forwarding, so that sensitive data in a text can be protected.

Using OneDrive in Word 2016 for Mac

OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage solution for sharing and making Word files available to other users over the web. Mac users can also use the OneDrive Sync app to store Word documents in OneDrive so they can be edited or read online on other devices.

Data Loss Protection

Data Loss Protection (DLP) is a well-known and frequently used tool from Microsoft that not only prevents the loss of sensitive data, but also protects it from unauthorized access. DLP can also be used in the Mac version of Word 2016. The integrated content filters can detect critical data such as credit card numbers in a document and then not only alert users to its existence, but also prevent it from being passed on to other users. Administrators, in particular, can effectively use Data Loss Protection to manage user-specific policies for creating and sharing sensitive information that can immediately identify and report potential security risks.

System requirements for Word for Mac 2016

Please review the following terms and conditions for the hardware requirements for Word 2016 for Mac: This Word software is only available in the 64-bit version. In addition, the retail version of Word 2016 for Mac cannot be used on an iPhone or with an iOS operating system. Other requirements:

  • Operating system: MacOS X, from version 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Processor: Intel
  • Working memory: min. 4 GB RAM
  • Hard disk space: min. 6 GB in HFS+ format (Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus)
  • Display: min. 1.280 x 800 resolution

Buy Word for Mac 2016 from Wiresoft also as single program

Word 2016 is typically offered only as part of an Office for Mac, and is rarely available as a stand-alone program. But at Wiresoft in the software shop you can buy the Mac version of Word 2016 as single user license, as well as older Word program versions and the other programs of an Office suite for Mac. When you buy Word 2016 for Mac, you will benefit from Wiresoft's much lower price for used software as well as from all the following advantages:

  • Wiresoft offers the Word Mac version 2016 as a purchase license.
  • The conclusion of a subscription agreement, which is usually available for download
  • This means that there is no need for expensive updates.
  • There is no time limit for the use of the Word software.
  • The Word for Mac 2016 program is identical to Word, which is a normal part of an Office for Mac 2016.
  • When you buy Word 2016 for Mac in the Wiresoft software shop, you will benefit from all the possibilities and advantages of this individual program.

The Word 2016 purchase version for Mac is therefore economically advantageous for those user groups who would like to use all the functions of the word processing software but do not have any use for the other Office. Especially self-employed persons and smaller companies, but also private users will appreciate the advantages of the software offer from Wiresoft, if they want to cover their needs for Microsoft programs for the Mac at a reasonable price.

All Microsoft software licenses for Mac and Windows offered in the Wiresoft software shop are exclusively original Microsoft products, which are usually available as single user full versions. These are either part of a former volume license of a company or were already used by a former user, but were released again when sold to Wiresoft. This means that each older installation of the software program or use of the respective license has been deleted. Every Word license for Mac 2016 or any other Microsoft program offered in the Wiresoft software shop can be downloaded and installed directly after payment and is then 100% usable.

As a reputable software reseller, Wiresoft does not offer test versions of Microsoft programs in its online shop, which can only be used for a limited period of time or whose range of functions is limited, nor does it offer software products whose license key is also used by unknown persons.

For you as a buyer, this means that you will not suffer any disadvantages from the purchase and use of a used software such as Word 2016 for Mac, neither with regard to the rights of use nor to its usability. The purchase of used software products at Wiresoft is therefore completely legal and also audit-proof. For your safety, every Word for Mac or other software license has been checked by Wiresoft beforehand to ensure that it is actually usable.

If you have any further questions regarding the purchase of Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac or any other Office software for Mac, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone or chat and benefit from our competent advice.

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