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Microsoft Word 2021 - the versatile word processing program Word 2021  is the latest...mehr
Product information "MICROSOFT WORD 2021"

Microsoft Word 2021 - the versatile word processing program

Word 2021 is the latest version of Microsoft's word processing software used worldwide. With its integrated tools and intuitive operation, the extensively equipped office program goes far beyond the mere writing and editing of texts: numerous design options allow the insertion of graphics and tables, the versatile options for the presentation and formatting of documents are not only suitable for the completion of business correspondence, but also for the creation of professionally designed theses and informative reports, but also business cards, brochures and flyers, which can be saved directly in Word as PDF for printing. Different file formats can also be edited with Microsoft Word.

Many typical format templates are supplemented by additional extensive options for page layout in order to create clear, quickly readable texts; important documents can also be protected from copying or marked for further use by inserting watermarks.

In addition, many intelligent tools such as the spell checker and autocorrect options make it easier and faster to compose text documents according to the valid spelling rules.

The practical ribbon makes it particularly easy to switch quickly between the individual applications with a single click.

The optional connection of the desktop program to the Microsoft Cloud also allows multiple users to work together on a document in real time, providing numerous options for improved teamwork. Also, Word 2021 has an individual assignment of rights per individual Word.doc, which can, for example, restrict or prevent reading or editing by another person.

In addition to these proven functions of the older Word versions, MS Word 2021 also offers a number of new practical features that make writing and editing as well as reading text documents even more pleasant and efficient than before. These include Dark Mode, which is easier on the eyes especially when spending long periods of time on the screen, clear view options for longer text files that speed up searching for specific passages, and improved accessibility support. Learning tools increase readability, and the freehand feature allows users to draw their own sketches and diagrams by hand and insert them directly into a document. To use MS Word 2021 on your computer, Windows 10 must be installed first. All important new features in Word 2021 can be found in the following overview.

In Wiresoft's online store  you can get both the current Word 2021 version and its predecessor, as well as other office programs, as a particularly inexpensive single application.

All new features of Word 2021 at a glance

Switching to the 2021 version of Word can be especially worthwhile for those users who create texts professionally and want to improve their efficiency when writing and reading. Many features make it easier for them to concentrate even better on the essentials.

Especially if documents are to be designed barrier-free in order to reach a circle of addressees who have difficulty reading and understanding texts, the newly integrated functions, which also take international standards into account, make it easier for you to create texts that can be read by everyone.

More features are also available for the creation and publication of scientific documents, especially when using complex formulas, which is now possible thanks to the support of LaTeX, the standard program used worldwide.

Greater clarity through different view options

Word 2021 also offers more visual options. For example, this version combines the ribbon user interface familiar from Word 2016 with the modern, familiar tile look that is also typical of Windows 10. Frequently used elements or functions are placed more prominently, so they are available even faster.

And if you prefer to continue using the familiar ribbon look from the earlier Word version, you can also redesign the interface.

The greater clarity also applies to use on devices with touch displays, such as tablets and smartphones, where the sensitivity of the interface for input by pen has been increased.

Especially when working on large text documents, searching for specific passages or sections can quickly become difficult. In Word 2021, in addition to the familiar vertical view in which you scroll through all pages from top to bottom, you can use the new "Page by Page" function to flip through a Word document like a book. For texts of medium length, the new "Thumbnails" function provides orientation: In this case, all pages in the overview are displayed in small size, so that you can quickly navigate to the point you are looking for.

In addition, Word 2021 has more discreet backgrounds with the new dark themes Dark Gray and Black, which also support concentrated writing and reading of texts.

Greater accessibility through support for error correction

Word 2021's built-in and improved assistive error correction suggests improvements to how you make a document accessible. Among other things, this draws on international standards to ensure that content is easy to read and edit for users with disabilities.

By clicking on the "Check" menu item under "Check accessibility", the program will make suggestions for you to fix, you can easily accept them immediately via one-click.

For this purpose, you can also use the audio feedback support. The Cue Audio function then accompanies you with sound effects and audio cues as you work. It gives acoustic hints or warns if you change certain options unintentionally, or as a confirmation after an action has been performed: for example, when sending an e-mail or deleting or inserting content.

Learning tools for more efficient text work

Learning tools are not only a practical feature in Word for students, but they also make it easier for professionals to understand text. For example, the tools integrated in Word 2021 allow you to adjust column width, text spacing, as well as page color to reduce eye strain by making the text easier to read.

Line focus increases your concentration and ensures less distraction by limiting the reading area to either one, three or five lines. If you want to have a text read aloud in Word 2021, the words just read are highlighted simultaneously, so that you can easily follow what you hear in the text.

The focus mode known from older Word versions is also used in Word 2021 for better concentration: the display of the document becomes clearer by hiding all toolbars.

Integrated translation function

To translate a text passage or even the entire text while writing or reading, you no longer have to call up a web page via the browser in Word 2021 to get the translation there: the integrated translation function makes this unnecessary with the help of automatic speech recognition. Microsoft Translator includes more than 60 languages, 11 of which can be translated.

Freehand drawing tool

What was previously possible with touchpads or smartphones is now also possible with the new freehand drawing tool for Word. Optionally by pen input, touch operation, but also with the computer mouse, you can use the freehand function to make marks in the text or spontaneously create sketches and formulas and insert them.

Microsoft provides several digital pens in Word 2021 for this purpose, including a pencil for drawing, a pen for writing, and the highlighter for highlighting text passages. Various pen thicknesses are available, as well as 16 solid colors and 8 effects.

Each drawn freehand shape can then be moved or copied and further edited just like other drawing elements.

Adding and editing vector graphics

Presentations and worksheets can be designed in Word 2021 by integrating pictograms and symbols as well as 3D images. A particularly interesting option here is also the use of scalable vector graphics or SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files. These can be resized, rotated, or even colored differently without loss of image quality.

Using LaTeX in Word 2021 to create formulas

When creating scientific text, there have been limits to how complex formulas can be displayed with the formula editor. Word 2021 now supports LaTeX for creating professional formulas that can be converted with it.

System requirements for Word 2021

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2021 /2022
  • Processor: min. 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: min. 2 GB RAM (32 Bit) or 4 GB RAM (64 Bit) - recommended: 4 GB RAM
  • Hard disk space: at least 16 GB (32 bit) or 20 GB (64 bit) on the installation drive
  • Graphics card: 1,280 x 768 pixels, min. DirectX 9 with WDDM 2.0 - recommended: DirectX 10

Supported languages: German, Danish, English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish and others

Buy Word 2021 as a standalone office program from Wiresoft

MS Word is a traditional, integral part of Microsoft Office packages. Unlike many other software providers, you can buy Word 2021 from Wiresoft not only as part of the Office 2021 suite, but also as a standalone program without any subscription obligations or time restrictions. Buying Word 2021 as a standalone program is also worthwhile in the long run, as you do not have to download any paid updates.

This standalone single-user license is identical to the Word program that is also included in Office Suite 2021.

Especially for self-employed people and smaller companies with a small number of employees who have no need for all the other programs included in the Office suite, buying Word 2021 as a standalone program is a particularly affordable way to use this classic word processing software.

All Microsoft software licenses that you can buy in Wiresoft Software Shop are original Microsoft products that you purchase as single user full versions. They may come from volume licenses or be used, but this will not put you at any disadvantage. As a reputable software retailer, Wiresoft does not offer trial versions that are only valid for a limited period of time or that can be used only with restrictions. Every software product at Wiresoft is fully and legally usable by you after purchase, because in the case of such used programs, any software previously installed by the original purchaser has been deleted with the sale to Wiresoft, making it 100% free and usable again. All license products from Wiresoft have also been thoroughly tested for their actual usability.

In addition, you benefit from our competent advice by e-mail, telephone and chat, if you have further questions about the purchase of MS Word 2021 or any other office software.

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