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25x Device CALs for MS SQL Server 2017 as used software When licensing Microsoft SQL Server...mehr
Product information "MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2017 - 25 PACK DEVICE CAL"

25x Device CALs for MS SQL Server 2017 as used software

When licensing Microsoft SQL Server 2017 in the Standard edition, a client access license in the form of SQL Server 2017 Device CALs is additionally required for the use of the associated services: this gives twenty-five individual, registered end devices access rights to the SQL Server. This is because with this form of server/CAL licensing for SQL 2017 Server, the server license does not contain any actual user rights; these must be purchased separately, e.g. in the form of a Device CAL for an end device. This means that the end device is only authorized to access the SQL Server via its own Device CAL.

Device CALs for SQL Server 2017 as used software from Wiresoft have a great price advantage here compared to the offers as new goods, in addition they also offer the advantage that they are also available individually. Used Device Client Access Licenses for SQL Server 2017 have the same functionalities as the new licenses available in the official Microsoft Volume Licensing Program.

Get all the benefits of MS SQL Server Standard 2017 with a used Device CAL

The SQL Server 2017 Standard Edition contains many optimizations as well as additional features and functions, which already offer smaller and medium-sized companies greater flexibility in the use of system-relevant data as well as comprehensive protection against unauthorized access to it, all of which are already available with a used Device CAL. This powerful version of Microsoft's data platform also has all the important database, reporting and analysis functions to meet all the requirements of a modern powerful Relational Database Management System (RDMS). With a client access license for SQL Server 2017, you benefit from In-Database Advanced Analytics with R as well as also Python, including interactive visualizations, among other features. In addition to performance enhancements to Master Data Services (MDS) and Reporting Services (SSRS), features include:

  • New database engine features including improved performance with CLR assemblies as well as Adaptive Joins in adaptive query processing
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) enhancements with installation options for tabular models as well as Get Data for Power Query
  • SQL Server 2017 Integration Services (SSIS) with streamlined Scale Out and simplified execution on multiple PCs, as well as support for high availability for Scale Out master
  • Use of Linux with SQL Server 2017 as well as Java applications through the Java Database Connectivity driver
  • SQL Server Machine Learning Services replace SQL Server R Services with Python support

Used Device CALs for SQL Server Standard-Edition 2017

A used Device CAL from Wiresoft has no differences compared to an unused license regarding the functionalities to take advantage of all services of the SQL Server 2017 Standard-Edition. With this licensing per Server/CAL, especially small and medium-sized companies can save money:

Licensing SQL Server 2017 with Server Licenses plus CALs

Licensing SQL Server 2017 with a server license plus complementary Device CALs is defined by Microsoft in the licensing terms as an alternative option for the Standard edition: this licensing model is usually referred to as Server/CAL licensing. In contrast to core-based licensing, Microsoft license management differentiates between the SQL Server license and the supplementary licensing of the individual end devices (or users): Thus, with Server/CAL licensing, each server on which an SQL Server instance is to be run requires a Standard-SQL Server License 2017, plus a separate access license (Device CAL) for the licensed SQL Server for each dedicated end device. Although two CALs are included in the server license, these only have administrator rights!

Only the regular Device CAL entitles a PC, laptop etc. to use the SQL Server functions of version 2017. The client access license for end devices does not contain any additional software that still has to be installed, but only the access rights in a client/server environment for SQL Server 2017.

Version compatibility of Device CALs and SQL Server license has to be considered

With the Device CAL for SQL Server 2017, an end device receives the access rights for SQL Server 2017, in addition also to older versions of SQL Server, e.g. 2016 (downgrade). However, an endpoint equipped with the Device CAL for SQL Server 2017 cannot access the higher SQL Server version such as 2019 (upgrade). Therefore, when purchasing Device CALs for SQL Server 2017, you should always pay attention to the compatibility of server license and access license. Wiresoft also offers used Device CALs for predecessor and successor versions of SQL Server 2017 here.

Why is there an alternative licensing option with CALs for the SQL Server 2017 Standard edition?

For the Standard editions of SQL Server version 2017, Microsoft offers CAL-based licensing of devices or users in addition to licensing by cores. This form of SQL Server access licensing takes into account the hardware of SMBs, whose SQL Server often has lower performance with only one or a few cores sufficient for their needs. Here, server/CAL licensing with the purchase of device client access licenses is often less expensive than server licensing by cores.

Complementing the SQL Server license, two types of CALs are offered in the Microsoft licensing model for SQL Server 2017 access:

  • SQL Server 2017 Device CAL: this gives SQL Server access rights to a dedicated Windows-enabled endpoint device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone)
  • SQL Server 2017 User CAL: this grants SQL Server access rights to a dedicated, single user

What should you consider when licensing SQL Server 2017s with Device CALs?

A Device CAL grants SQL Server 2017 access rights to a single end device (Device), and once registered, these cannot be transferred to another computer. It is also not possible to change the CAL type with a Device CAL - from Device to User CAL. These restrictions prevent misuse of Device CALs, while also providing greater security by preventing unauthorized access to a company's SQL Server from both internal and external sources.

What are the benefits of Device CALs for SQL Server 2017?

In principle, the functionality of a Device CAL does not differ from the User CAL for SQL Server 2017. However, the typical possibilities in each case can be seen in the type of regular SQL Server access: companies differ, for example, in the number of workstations and also by the workflow in which a SQL Server is used: In SMBs, many employees often use a single end device in turn to access SQL Server, while in other work environments, a single user does so via completely different end devices.

The device license for SQL Server 2017, which is tied to a single Windows-enabled end device - instead of a specific user, thus offers different ways of accessing SQL Server: If the licensed end device is a laptop or tablet that can be used on the move, the respective user can also access the SQL Server locally independently - e.g. on the road or at homeOffice - and not only at the workplace in the company. The Device CAL can therefore also be used on the move.


Whether the Device CAL for SQL Server 2017 offers the better application possibilities depends on the typical company workflow. This influences the decision when purchasing the appropriate client access licensing for SQL Server 2017, because as already mentioned above, the Microsoft licensing system does not allow the subsequent change of a Device CAL into a User CAL or vice versa.

In addition to the main usage of the licensed end devices, the number of employees should also be taken into account: Because as soon as different employees alternately use one and the same computer to access the SQL Server, regardless of whether it is used internally or mobile, the Device-based licensing offers more advantages.

Buy used Device CALs for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 in any number in Wiresoft Online Shop

Device CALs for SQL Server 2017 are available in the Wiresoft Online Shop for as little as one single license, because the other volume licensing regulations do not apply to used software - without the designation "used" entailing any disadvantages in the use of Device CALs.

What are Device CALs for SQL Server 2017 as used licenses?

Device CALs (and also other CAL types) for SQL Server 2017, as offered by Wiresoft as used licenses, are regularly usable access licenses for one end device at a time, as they are also offered in the Microsoft licensing program; the difference from those is that they previously belonged to an end device volume license for SQL Server 2017, which was purchased by a company that resold the unneeded individual access licenses or even the complete volume license to Wiresoft. Wiresoft broke up this volume license and converted it into individual licenses and then labeled the resulting Device CALs as used software. As already mentioned, a used Device CAL is just as usable as a new one despite this marking, because there is no wear and tear on the software, but also no other restriction in functionality or useful life.

Why are used Device CALs for SQL Server 2017 safe?

Used software such as Device CALs for SQL Server at Wiresoft not only has a price advantage for our customers, but is also as secure as new - with no hidden restrictions or risks! It is immediately available to you after the completed payment process through instant download and immediate license activation with the included volume license key, including the usual buyer security.

Where do Device CALs for SQL Server 2017 come from?

The Device Client Access Licenses for SQL Server 2017 offered by Wiresoft come from the license inventories of companies and organizations. For these, therefore, the valid jurisdiction applies, which expressly permits the used software trade with Microsoft CALs, which has also been repeatedly confirmed by various court rulings.

What does this mean for you as a Wiresoft customer?

Both the purchase of used Device CALs for SQL Server 2017 or other client access licenses offered by Wiresoft and their use offer legal security, because neither you nor Wiresoft violate any legal provisions. 

Your advantages when buying used CALs for SQL Server 2017

Device CALs for SQL Server 2017 as used software from Wiresoft at or other access licenses offer customers for all these reasons a low-priced alternative to offers from most other providers of licenses, precisely because there are no restrictions through licensing scales for Device CALs. This gives you the freedom of choice in your licensing of SQL Server services to match the actual usage in your business, which also reduces the cost of server licensing.

In the Wiresoft online shop, you will find as Used Software access licenses not only Device CALs, but also corresponding User CALs for SQL Server 2017 - including access licenses of other versions of MS SQL Server with the server licenses required for them. In this way, you also reduce possible acquisition costs for newer end devices or the risk of compatibility problems due to deviating software versions.

In addition to Device CALs for SQL Server 2017, you can also find client access licenses as well as server licenses for other Microsoft servers in the Wiresoft Software Shop - again with all the advantages of used software. If you have any questions about Device CALs for SQL Server 2017 or any other Microsoft product, please feel free to contact us via chat, email or phone.

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