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MICROSOFT Remote Desktop Services 2012 R2 USER CAL

MICROSOFT Remote Desktop Services 2012 R2 USER CAL

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Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services 2012 (RDS)  The topic of data protection is...mehr
Product information "MICROSOFT Remote Desktop Services 2012 R2 USER CAL"

Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services 2012 (RDS) 

The topic of data protection is a constant issue when it comes to the handling of customer data in a company. If your company has a lot to do with sensitive customer data, it is often difficult to securely pass this data on to employees for processing. There are many security solutions, not least the AppLocker security guidelines, which are included in and later. But nothing is as efficient and inexpensive as working online on a Remote Desktop Service. In the past, terminal servers were used where the employee only operated a rudimentary terminal and all data was centrally located on the server. This technique has been refined and developed further, so that today, although the same principle is used, the whole thing has become even cheaper and faster. If an employee works online from home, the first step is often a secure login solution via a VPN connection. The employee can then start work, for which he or she needs the customer data. Depending on the area in which your company is active, highly sensitive data may be involved, which must not fall into the wrong hands under any circumstances. In order to prevent data mishaps when working online as far as possible, many companies use a remote desktop solution, as you can order it here. The data is centrally located on a server and the employee logs in with a computer on the Windows. When logging in, the server checks whether a valid license is available. Simply order a Microsoft Server license online and use it with licenses for Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Service 2012, which you can also buy from us. To make it cheaper for you, you can buy the licenses per employee or per device online. Both variants are fine for the server, it only needs to be a legally purchased original license, as you can order it quickly online from us.

Once the employee has started the computer, he or she only needs to connect to the server via the RDS program included in Windows. Here he gets all data and programs that are important for his work - but without transferring these programs and data. They all remain on the server and are managed there by your IT staff. So it is also easier for your IT department to maintain these data and programs. Everything remains centrally in one place and only needs to be maintained locally. Failures due to updates or errors are thus kept to a minimum. If an error has crept in, it only needs to be repaired in one place. If the employee logs back into the server, everything is in order and he can continue. Backups are also made quickly, as only the server data needs to be backed up. Your IT staff has much less effort and can react faster to problems that arise.

Order flexible license models online

Microsoft has created a flexible license model for the Windows Server and the Remote Desktop Service. You can buy either a user or a device related license. Of course, you can also mix the different models - in the way that is most convenient for you.
In this case, by ordering a low-cost volume license online, you buy a user-related license from us. This is useful if your employees need to access the server from different locations and/or devices. If your employees always access the server from the same device, or even if several employees share one PC, you should rather use a
, which you can of course also buy from us at a reasonable price.

If you are not sure which licenses to order or if you want to mix the different license models, please contact our service staff. We will be happy to help you.

Fast shipping of RDS Cals

Don't let the long postal route stop you. No later than 24 hours after your online purchase you will receive an e-mail from us with your license data. The license is then immediately ready for use. You are also flexible if you notice that your business is expanding. Simply re-order quickly online and continue working without waiting long. You can also obtain only original licenses for Microsoft products from us. Of course we are also there for you after the purchase if you still have questions. Either by e-mail, telephone or for quick, short questions in the online chat.

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