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PowerPoint for Mac is the versatile software program from for Apple- , to be able to efficiently plan and design vivid presentations on a Mac computer as well and to present them comfortably to partners and colleagues. This 2016 version of for Mac thus provides another milestone of the widely used and appreciated software, which is used in many fields - not only in business, but also in school and university. In doing so, for Mac 2016 supports both beginners and professional users with many integrated, intuitively usable tools to create informative presentation slides and to clearly convey their contents in a lecture. MicrosoftUser Business PowerPoint Office PowerPoint

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Product information "MICROSOFT POWERPOINT MAC 2016"

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2016 as a Office

PowerPoint for Mac is Microsoft's versatile software program for Apple users to efficiently plan and design vivid presentations on a Mac computer and to conveniently present them to business partners and colleagues. This 2016 version of PowerPoint for Mac thus represents a further milestone in the widely used and valued Office that is used in many areas - not only in the company, but also at school and at university. PowerPoint for Mac 2016 supports both beginners and professional users with many integrated, intuitively usable tools to create informative presentation slides and to clearly convey their contents in a lecture.

In addition, the user-friendly interface of Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2016 provides a quick and easy introduction to the software. A large selection of templates and graphics can be used directly to design each presentation individually.

Basically, the Mac version of PowerPoint 2016 shows a striking revision of the previous design: despite the adaptation optimized for OS X, the typical Windows user interface with its familiar layout has been retained. The key combinations familiar from the Windows version have also been adopted, which can be an advantage for users who frequently switch between the two operating systems. However, these users do not have to do without the familiar features of the Mac system. PowerPoint for Mac 2016 also optimizes cross-platform compatibility between documents, so that presentations created in Windows and those created in OS X are more consistent.

Apple users who also use the Microsoft cloud service OneDrive can share documents created with PowerPoint for Mac 2016 online with colleagues for more efficient collaboration.

This PowerPoint for Mac 2016 program is not only available from Wiresoft as an integral part of the corresponding Office, but you can also purchase it separately - without any subscription obligation! In the Wiresoft online shop you can get PowerPoint for Mac 2016 as well as older and newer versions at a particularly favourable price - also as single program. The following overview contains all interesting features of PowerPoint for Mac 2016.

Overview of all important features and extensions of PowerPoint for Mac 2016

This PowerPoint for Mac 2016 version includes many optimizations and enhancements to existing features as well as new tools and customizations to give you even more freedom in creating presentations, but also to facilitate online collaboration with other users.

New PowerPoint functions for Mac in version 2016

The new PowerPoint functions not only expand the possibilities for teamwork when creating a presentation, but also the possibilities for presentations:

  • Highlight details on the Mac with the Brush tool: Single elements of a slide, such as graphics or words or text passages, can be highlighted spontaneously during a presentation by using the Brush Tool integrated in PowerPoint for Mac to draw the audience's attention to individual details. The advantage of this tool over the laser pointer or wand is that it is used directly on the screen in PowerPoint 2016, and the elements marked with it remain visible. On the other hand, this action only happens in presentation mode. The PowerPoint document itself remains unchanged.
  • Time-tracking: With the time-tracking tool, the duration of the presentation becomes much more predictable. With longer presentations, it can quickly happen that questions or additional explanations delay the presentation and make it difficult to keep to a given time frame. The time-tracking tool helps to get a better grip on time management and to use the presentation time efficiently: When activated, it displays the time during the presentation so that the presenter can react to delays etc. and make changes immediately.
  • Share feature: The significant optimization and redesign of the Share feature makes it much easier and faster to share PowerPoint presentations on the Mac via social media channels such as Facebook and others.

Use practical Office in PowerPoint for Mac 2016

As a classic MS Office program, PowerPoint for Mac 2016 also contains a whole range of general functions that make it easier to create presentations and also expand the possibilities for collaborative work. These include in particular the following features and tools:

  • OneDrive integration also available for Mac: With the integration of the Microsoft cloud services OneDrive in Office 2016 for Mac, Mac users can now use OneDrive to access PowerPoint documents stored on OneDrive from any Apple device over the Web. This significantly expands the ability to work on slides regardless of location, and other employees can also access them, for example, to edit or comment on them.
  • Simplified document sharing: Sharing documents is now even easier: To share documents, users simply click the Share feature on the PowerPoint application ribbon. Each person who is to have access to the document can be assigned individual rights to read, edit or forward the document, etc.
  • Improved version history of documents: Especially when other employees use or correct a PowerPoint document, it is important to maintain an overview. This also includes the fact that older versions are retained when revising. The "Version History" feature is used to save them so that they can be called up again and used again if necessary.
  • Protect data with Data Loss Protection (DLP): PowerPoint 2016 for Mac also offers DLP functionality for document content via OneDrive. Especially for internal presentations, slides may contain or show data that is not intended for outsiders and therefore needs to be protected. Data Loss Protection not only detects security risks, but also centrally creates guidelines for each document so that data security is always maintained when documents are released to other users.

The following basic features also make working with PowerPoint for Mac 2016 even more efficient:

  • Slide notes always at your fingertips: Not all information is always available on a slide, especially those that are added spontaneously during the presentation. Invisible for listeners, but directly accessible for the speaker, personal notes and additions are visible in the PowerPoint program window and thus immediately available.
  • Feedback in the comments area: The same applies to notes and comments from colleagues when creating presentation slides as well as during the presentation itself. In a separate window their feedback is immediately available.
  • Change view mode: Using the buttons in the status bar, users can instantly switch between the different view options, including zoom controls to adjust a slide more quickly.
  • More space on the screen: In order to display a slide in maximum size, users can show and hide the menu strip with a click.
  • Customize the toolbar for access: Functions that are frequently used can be placed as shortcut commands directly in the menu bar so that they are immediately available with just one click.

System requirements for PowerPoint for Mac 2016:

PowerPoint for Mac 2016 is only available in 64-bit. In addition, the following minimum requirements apply to the installation or operation of the Office:

  • Processor: Intel processor
  • Operating system: Mac OS X, at least version 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher
  • Working memory: at least 4 GB RAM
  • Disk space: 6 GB minimum in HFS+ (Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus) format
  • Display resolution: min. 1.280 x 800

Buy PowerPoint for Mac 2016 as an Office at Wiresoft

PowerPoint for Mac 2016, as a regular component of many Microsoft Office, is usually not available separately or only as a subscription version in regular stores. However, at Wiresoft you can buy PowerPoint for Mac 2016 separately as a stand-alone program.

Your clear advantage when buying software from Wiresoft: The single user license of PowerPoint for Mac 2016 offered in the shop is a purchase version, which therefore does not oblige you to a subscription, which usually binds you on a long-term basis - with obligatory updates or time restrictions on use - and is usually also expensive. That's why buying software from Wiresoft is worthwhile for several reasons, even if you don't want to buy additional Office for Mac.

And: Buying software with Wiresoft is safe: The available single user license of PowerPoint for Mac 2016, which you buy in our shop, was usually part of a larger volume license, as used by companies. Therefore it is a so-called used software - hence our really low price! Nevertheless, you can be sure that the purchase of the used software offered by us does not take place in a legally unclarified situation, neither for you nor for us, because the trade with used software is clearly allowed by law in Europe and therefore absolutely legal!

The scope of functions of this PowerPoint for Mac 2016 software license is completely identical to that of the PowerPoint program, which is also included in the corresponding Office Suite for Mac 2016. In principle, Wiresoft only offers full versions of Microsoft programs that are identical to the editions available from Microsoft itself.

Each such offered single Microsoft program license, which comes from a larger volume license, has been tested by Wiresoft for proper, unlimited usability; therefore this PowerPoint for Mac 2016 software is also registered only to you after purchase and download and is also 100% usable by you.

Used software is not only beneficial for private users, but also for self-employed persons and smaller companies, if the purchase of a conventional single user license or a volume license is not worthwhile, because it allows them to benefit from all the advantages of PowerPoint for Mac 2016 and save money at the same time.

In addition to the PowerPoint program for Mac 2016, you will find in the Wiresoft software shop not only newer and older purchased versions of this software, but also other MS Office for Mac as single user license, as well as other Microsoft programs.

If you have any questions about PowerPoint for Mac 2016 or any other MS Office for Mac, simply use our competent advice via e-mail, telephone and chat.

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