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Der Kinderschutzbund – Bundesverband

With every purchase at Wiresoft you support the Kinderschutzbund.

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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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With the MS Office-Edition 2010 Professional Plus  Business-professionals have all -programs bundled in one package, because the portfolio contains all the programs and functions they need to work in all business areas: starting with the creation of texts for different addressees with 2010 and the analysis of complex data in 2010, communication with employees and business partners as well as task planning with 2010, including the conception of presentations and reports with Microsoft Word Excel Outlook PowerPoint 2010 as well as the note-taking and sharing of ideas with OneNote 2010 up to versatile publications of print and online media with  Publisher 2010 - : 2010 for extensive database applications and InfoPath 2010 for creating forms for any application purpose - all combined in 2010 , whose interface also features a modernized appearance, with the programs being even more intuitive to use. Plus Access Office Professional Plus Desktop

For further questions about the product, please contact our customer service.


Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus - the comprehensive suite for business professionals as a purchase version

With the MS Office-Edition 2010 Professional Plus business professionals have all Microsoft programs bundled in one package, because the portfolio contains all the programs and functions they need to work in all areas of business: starting with the creation of texts for different addressees with Word 2010 and the analysis of complex data in Excel 2010, through communication with employees and business partners as well as task planning with Outlook 2010, including the design of presentations and reports with PowerPoint 2010 and the note-taking and sharing of ideas with OneNote 2010, to versatile publications of print and online media with Publisher 2010 - plus: Access 2010 for extensive database applications and InfoPath 2010 for creating forms for any application purpose - all combined in Office 2010 Professional Plus, whose desktop interface also features a modernized look and feel, with programs that are even more intuitive to use.

The Office Edition 2010 Professional Plus is now regularly available only as a volume license, as used only by larger companies with many workstations. Wiresoft, however, offers the edition as used software also as a single license, so that single users can also buy Professional Plus 2010 and use all included programs.

The purchase of a 2010 edition of MS Office has for many buyers the great advantage that this is still supported by the Microsoft operating system Windows 7, which is still frequently used, so that this compatibility is quite a purchase-deciding feature. In the Wiresoft Onlineshop you receive beside the purchase version of Office 2010 Professional Plus also other editions of this version as well as further Office- packages. The following overview provides a presentation of the individual programs including their innovations from Office 2010 Professional Plus.

MS Office 2010 Professional Plus - Business know-how united in one suite

In addition to the proven Office programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, Professional Plus 2016 includes not only the digital notebook OneNote and the DTP program Microsoft Publisher, but also Access 2010 and InfoPath. Especially the latter applications are indispensable for commercial applications.

Overview of all programs of the MS Office Edition 2010 Professional Plus:

  • Word 2010
  • Excel 2010
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • Outlook 2010
  • OneNote 2010
  • Publisher 2010
  • Access 2010
  • InfoPath 2010

Word 2010

The classic software for word processing has, in addition to many proven features and functions in the 2010 version again some new to offer to create documents and letters in formatting for almost any application:

  • The new XML file format makes Word documents more compact as well as more secure and compatible.
  • Individual function areas are clearly arranged as tabs in the newly designed ribbon. These can be adapted to your own needs: expand, reduce and even hide.
  • The new Backstage view contains information about an open document.
  • The templates included in Word can be customized with just a few clicks and saved as a new personalized default template.
  • For users who prefer to work with keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse, the usual Word functions are also accessible via this.
  • Under the menu item "Document check", the various options for the spelling check can be adjusted.
  • Documents can be released by the author only to other users for joint editing, their changes and comments are displayed in the document and can be accepted or rejected by clicking.
  • The mail merge function including wizard facilitates the creation of mail merge letters or mailings. Addresses can also be imported from Outlook as a data source.

Excel 2010

The classic calculation software offers everything for analyzing and filtering data from particularly large tables - and in this version also new functions and tools:

  • Excel 2010 now supports the formats: .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb, .xltx, .xlt, .xltm, .xml, .xlam, .xla as well as .xlw.
  • The settings and functions that were previously scattered over numerous sub-menus are now clearly grouped together in the new ribbon.
  • With the so-called sparklines, charts can be inserted into a single Excel cell.
  • The data slices provide buttons to filter large amounts of data in normal as well as pivot tables, and also indicate the current filter state.
  • Previous versions of data sheets can be reused with version recovery.
  • The Backstage tab contains information about an open workbook including permissions and shares as well as previous versions.

PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint can be used to create informative presentations for almost any target group. The application supports users with practical functions and templates, without much experience can be professionally designed slides with text, graphics, images and videos. New in PowerPoint 2010:

  • PowerPoint supports XML format, which is not only more compact, but also more reliable and secure, it also uses ZIP compression technology.
  • All elements of a presentation slide are now directly integrated into the document, which allows for a much more smooth and delay-free playback.
  • The SmartArt graphics integrated in the program have dynamic effects for a more varied design.
  • Videos and music can also be integrated, and various playback options are available.

Outlook 2010

The popular e-mail client also complements in the Office version 2010 the functions for sending mails as well as for managing contacts, appointments and projects with additional features for comprehensive communication in every area:

  • Messages can be provided with an e-mail signature, in addition to classic texts, images or logos - including the display of the handwritten signature - as well as the Electronic Business Card can be integrated.
  • E-mails can be sorted according to conversations, these can be topics or subjects, thus creating a better overview in the inbox. Sorting can also be used to delete messages.
  • The search function convinces with improved filter options, which also includes categories.
  • QuickSteps summarize typical, frequently used routine tasks, so that typical processes can also be automated.

OneNote 2010

OneNote is the electronic notebook - but offer a better overview compared to the small notebooks and books. Via the cloud, the notes stored in it can also be used for collaboration with colleagues and are thus available anywhere and at any time. OneNote also convinces with these new features:

  • When creating a new notebook, it automatically already contains the "General" and "Unfiled Notes" tabs, as well as "Business", "Most Frequent Uses" and "News".
  • The created notebooks can be divided into further sections as desired and can also be changed again at any time.
  • Blank pages can also be created, which can be renamed or subdivided later if required.

Publisher 2010

The desktop publishing software is designed to create high-quality publications that are both print-ready and professional for online use.

  • A large number of templates are available for this purpose: from business cards and invitations to business mailings - also online as e-mail newsletters - and from flyers to extensive catalogues.
  • All included templates can be customized and saved for reuse.
  • In addition to locally available images, clip art files on and image files from the Internet can also be inserted directly.
  • Various effects such as shadow and light as well as 3D are available for the graphical editing of texts as well as graphics.

Access 2010

Microsoft Access is a comprehensive database solution for professionals as well as beginners to optimally structure large amounts of data and make it available for various applications. The powerful program offers a wide range of tools, modular components and templates to design databases for individual applications immediately:

  • New formatting functions support the creation of professional forms.
  • The creation, editing and management of conditional formatting rules takes place in a central view.
  • The new Backstage view can be used to centrally check the database for Internet compatibility, define table relationships and perform numerous other functions.
  • IntelliSense supports the simplified expression generator when creating formulas and expressions, reducing errors.
  • The new macro designer makes the application of more complex logic even more intuitive, allowing database applications to be extended at any time.
  • Data can be imported from a variety of external sources, including Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, and Outlook, as well as other Access databases.
  • Users of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 can also make databases available online on the Internet with the Access Services feature. Even users without an Access client can open Web forms and reports in the browser.

InfoPath 2010

InfoPath is a versatile business tool for creating custom forms that accelerate and standardize the collection and organization of information. Businesses, IT departments, and developers can use the built-in standard components and flexible controls to design forms for business applications, time tracking, surveys, and more, and make them available in a common location.

  • InfoPath includes InfoPath Designer 2010 for designing out-of-the-box forms with predefined elements, out-of-box rules, and more, InfoPath Filler 2010 for faster completion, and InfoPath Forms Services for deployment to a Web page.
  • In addition to local use, InfoPath forms can be designed to be browser-compatible to work with other databases or Web services via SharePoint.
  • Through the connection to SharePoint Server 2010, forms can also interact with external data, e.g. to control workflows automatically and to enhance web pages.

System requirements for MS Office 2010 Professional Plus

Office 2010 Professional Plus is available at download in two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit. Depending on the currently used operating system, one of the two versions is recommended. By default, the 32-bit version PC is installed to avoid compatibility problems of the 64-bit version with older computers or operating systems. The 64-bit version has 4 GB of memory, which is advantageous when working with Excel files of at least 2 GB in size. The new ribbon interface also requires more space on the hard disk compared to the previous version. In general, the following minimum requirements apply:

  • Operating systems: Windows 7 to max. Windows 10, or min. Windows Server 2003
  • Processor: min. 500 MHz - to be able to use all functions of Outlook, 1 GHz is recommended
  • Memory: min. 256 MB RAM - for using the Outlook services 512 MB are recommended
  • Hard disk space: min. 3.5 GB
  • Image resolution: min. 1,024 x 576, min. graphics card with DirectX9c acceleration

Buy MS Office 2010 Professional Plus cheap at Wiresoft in the online shop

As already mentioned, the 2010 Professional Plus Edition from Microsoft is not available in conventional trade as a single license, it is or was only offered as a volume license for companies. In the Wiresoft online shop you can buy the Office 2010 Professional Plus software as a single user license, and without any further subscription obligations; therefore, when buying from Wiresoft, you will only incur costs once when purchasing the full version of the program, which offers the identical scope of programs as the original Office volume license.

The reason: The available single user license of Office 2010 Professional Plus Edition was previously part of a volume license used by a company. With the purchase of a volume license, this includes the right to resell surplus software licenses or the entire volume license - regardless of whether parts or all of the entire volume license were used. Upon sale, this is broken up and converted into individual licenses and then referred to as used software. The division has no effect on the functionality of the Office 2010 Professional Plus Edition or the scope of the included programs.

Always buy software safely from Wiresoft: MS Office 2010 Professional Plus is not only available in the Wiresoft Shop at a particularly low price - your purchase is also convenient through the instant download and at the same time safe: because Wiresoft only sells such versions of Office Professional Plus or of other Office editions or versions that are identical to the respective original Microsoft products; moreover, these come from legal sources from companies based in Europe. You can install the Office 2010 Professional Plus software on your PC immediately after successfully completing the purchase process and downloading - it is activated with the included volume license key, which is valid for your single license.

The purchase of this Office 2010 Professional Plus Edition as used software in the Wiresoft Software Shop does not represent any legal risk for you, because the trade with used software is legally permitted, which was also confirmed by numerous judgements.

Buying used software from Wiresoft is an affordable way for customers to use Office editions such as Professional Plus 2010. Our customers therefore include the self-employed as well as private individuals and SMEs, who all benefit from our inexpensive software offer!

In the Wiresoft Software-Shop you will find beside the Office-Edition 2010 Professional Plus also other versions as well as other Microsoft programs as low-priced purchase version for download. If you have any questions about this or any other Microsoft Office software, simply use our competent advice by e-mail, telephone or chat.

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