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Office Single applications for Mac

Individual applications for Mac - e-mail and word processing programs at Wiresoft®

With , you can access different editions. Whether the older Office 2011 or the latest version Office 2019 is up to you. The latter offers a variety of new features and functions:

For example, create appointments with different time zones for start and end times. This will save you the trouble of calculating when you are travelling in different parts of the world. For iPad, iPhone, and other Apple Touch devices, gesture control has become essential. Microsoft has also recognized this. In Outlook, the gestures "wipe right" or "wipe left" can now be assigned various actions such as delete or archive. In addition, the use of scalable vector graphics (SVG) for logos in the signature or images in e-mail newsletters is possible from Office 2019.

has also seen some changes: The single application for Mac surprises with improved readability in its current version. Page colour, column width and text spacing can be adjusted individually. As in other Microsoft Office, the Microsoft Translator can now also be used for Word directly in the document. For entering mathematical formulas and other text, you can also use the freehand option - using your finger, pen or mouse.

Order Excel and PowerPoint online as Office for Mac

From the simple household book to extensive data evaluation with pivot tables - with , almost everything in numbers and formulas can be processed. The constantly new options and features of this single application for Mac make everyday work easier.

With Office 2019, for example, superfluous cells can be easily deactivated. If you have selected too many cells, you don't have to start from the beginning, but can deselect them with a mouse click. New functions such as TEXT CHAIN and IF extend the range of tasks, while the timeline filter for pivot tables allows flexible evaluation for days, months, quarters or years.

If you already know in the Office 2016 edition, you do not need to get used to the current version. The user interface is the same, only the selection of functions has been significantly expanded. For example, it is now possible to integrate cross-foil, flowing animations and transitions through so-called morphs. It is also possible to insert online videos without problems - without leaving the PowerPoint application. An extensive library of pictograms helps you to design your presentations professionally and individually.

Export your files as 4K videos with excellent resolution or record video and audio comments directly during the presentation. You can also record gestures for hands-free digital input that can be retrieved at any time.

Microsoft Office for Mac - individual applications in the Wiresoft® online shop

Apple offers in-house Office for its products, which is often cheaper than the Microsoft Office suite. But why are Word, Excel and Co. still the undisputed market leader? Very simple: Apple software cannot keep up with the extensive functions and the excellent compatibility with Office for Windows. Especially for companies, the compatibility factor plays an important role. Because documents and files must not only be executable within the company, but also with the company's own customers and partners.

Order your new Microsoft Office license from Wiresoft® or choose one of our individual applications for Mac. We guarantee delivery within 24 hours so that you can start working with your new software as soon as possible. Would you like to learn more about our used licenses or do you have questions about a special product? Then get in touch with us. You can reach the Wiresoft® customer service comfortably via chat, e-mail or phone.

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