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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 - New Features This guide focuses on the power of Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, including document storage, collaboration, sharing and conversations. You don't have to use just one tool to get the job...
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SharePoint Server 2019: The platform for modern collaboration and communication

SharePoint Server 2019 - A new horizon for businesses

With the launch of SharePoint Server 2019, Microsoft has taken a decisive step towards providing a future-proof, efficient and user-friendly platform for companies of all sizes. This article highlights the core features, benefits and added value that SharePoint Server 2019 brings to the digital workplace.

Modern User Interface - Intuitive and Efficient

One of the most outstanding features of SharePoint Server 2019 is its modern user interface. Navigation is intuitively designed, and interaction with documents, lists, and other content is smoother than ever before.

Mobile experience

With SharePoint Server 2019, users have full access to their documents on the go. The mobile view is optimized for both tablets and smartphones, allowing for seamless productivity.

Communication Pages

Communication pages allow organizations to present news, reports, and other content in a visually appealing format. This not only enhances the user experience, but also facilitates communication within the organization.

Top-level security and compliance

In today's digital world, security and privacy are of paramount importance. SharePoint Server 2019 puts this front and center with a variety of tools and features.

Information Rights Management (IRM)

IRM allows organizations to restrict access and use of documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This provides additional protection for confidential information.

Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP in SharePoint Server 2019 enables organizations to identify, monitor, and automatically protect critical information. This ensures comprehensive compliance and reduces the risk of data loss.

A platform for teamwork and innovation

SharePoint Server 2019 goes beyond document management to provide comprehensive collaboration tools.

Modern team pages

These pages provide a centralized location for team content, information and activities. They foster communication and make collaboration more efficient.

Integrated Office 365 groups

By integrating Office 365 groups into SharePoint Server 2019, teams can more easily access shared resources such as Outlook, OneNote, and Planner.

The hybrid solution - The best of both worlds

A key advantage of SharePoint Server 2019 is its ability to act as a hybrid solution.

Unified search

Hybrid search allows users to search both local and online content simultaneously, greatly increasing efficiency.

Data flexibility

Organizations can choose where to store their data - locally, in the cloud, or a combination of both.


SharePoint Server 2019 is more than just an evolution of its predecessors. It is a powerful tool that supports modern businesses in their digital transformation. With its improved user interface, enhanced security features, and collaboration and communication tools, SharePoint Server 2019 sets new standards in the enterprise software category. It is not just a platform for storing documents, but a central hub for innovation, teamwork and growth.