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Der Kinderschutzbund – Bundesverband

With every purchase at Wiresoft you support the Kinderschutzbund.

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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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MacOS  High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan

The comprehensive Microsoft software package Office 2016 is also available for the Mac. In the Standard-Edition it contains the proven programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook as well as OneNote. In the Mac version, MS Office 2016 offers a thorough revision of the previous components, with an optimized adaptation to OS X, while retaining the typical user interface known from Windows with its typical layout. Users can use it as usual to write texts, create calculations, design presentations, as well as manage emails and process notes, without having to give up the familiar features of the Mac system. Also in Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac the keyboard shortcuts known from the Windows version have been adopted, which is a relief especially for those users who switch between the two operating systems.

If you have any further questions about the product, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Product information "MICROSOFT OFFICE MAC 2016 STANDARD"

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac - the efficient office and business software

The comprehensive Microsoft software package Office 2016 is also available for the Mac. The Standard contains the proven programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. In the Mac version, MS Office 2016 offers a thorough revision of the previous components, with optimized adaptation to OS X, while retaining the typical Windows user interface with its typical layout. Users can write texts, create calculations, design presentations, manage e-mails and process notes as usual, without having to forego the familiar features of the Mac system. Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac also includes the key combinations familiar from the Windows version, which makes life easier for users switching between the two operating systems.

In particular, Office 2016 Mac optimizes cross-platform compatibility between documents created under Windows and those created under OS X by providing a more uniform display. This is especially beneficial for collaboration and document sharing, not only between Windows and Mac users, but also in the cloud - where Office prefers to offer the Microsoft Cloud OneDrive.

However, the Mac version of MS Office 2016 Standard differs from the Windows version in a few points: The Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Access applications are not included in Office for Mac 2016, and the two new functions "Intelligent Search" - "Insights" - and "What do you want to do? - "Tell Me" - and the new chart types added in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Still, the applications available in Office 2016 for Mac 2016 are full of useful enhancements and exciting new features to help you get the job done.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac is available in the Wiresoft Software Shop as a low-priced single license for the Edition Standard. Below is an overview of the full range of benefits that Office 2016 for Mac offers when you buy it.

New features in each Office 2016 for Mac application

Many new features in Office 2016 for Mac are also available across applications in the three individual applications Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to support cross-application work on documents.

Simplified document sharing

To share documents even more easily, users simply click on the "Share" button in the menu bar. Reading and editing rights can also be assigned individually.

Improved version history of documents

When working on a document together with several colleagues, it is important that the older versions of the document remain available. Using the "Version History" function, these versions can not only be displayed immediately, but the corresponding states can also be restored for further use.

OneDrive integration for Mac

OneDrive's integration with Office 2016 for Mac means that Mac users can now access an Office stored on OneDrive from any device, regardless of location. This eliminates the need to store them locally on a PC or similar or USB stick as before.

Data Loss Protection (DLP)

OneDrive also makes the DLP feature in Office 2016 for Mac available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. In particular, administrators can use DLP to centrally create and manage policies that set policies and notices for data security when creating and sharing documents with other users and display them when the app detects a potential risk.

Features in Office 2016 for Mac applications

In addition to these new features that are available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Office 2016 for Mac includes several new features and improvements for the other individual applications available in the Standard:

New Word features in Office 2016 for Mac

The following functions in particular facilitate the joint work of several users on a Word document:

  • Real-time input: If several users are working on the same Word document, the real-time input can show where each user is currently making changes, so that these can be immediately followed or checked.
  • Comment function: With the improved comment function, text editing in Word 2016 is now much clearer and more efficient, as a Word document now contains all the comments of the various participants.
  • Saving in the attached folder: A Word document can now be optically attached to the folder in question, so that every user can access this folder and the documents it contains more quickly and easily via a jump list.
  • PDF in Word: In order to transfer the contents of a PDF to Word, it is no longer necessary to copy and paste the contents of a PDF in Word for Office 2016 for Mac - which can be a tedious process: all you need to do is open the PDF directly in Word to transfer not only the text but also all the graphic elements. These and can now be freely edited in Word. If the Word document is to be made available again as a PDF, it can also be saved in this format again.

New Excel functions in Office 2016 for Mac

Excel 2016 for Mac includes the following enhancements to existing features as well as new tools:

  • PROGNOSE.ETS: The PROGNOSE.ETS function allows users to extrapolate time series into data using exponential smoothing with the established ETS (Exponential Smoothing) algorithm. The function is used to generate short-term alternative forecasts, which can also be made available as a forecast sheet.
  • LET function: With LET, it is now possible to name individual ranges within a formula; this improves not only the computing power but also the readability and combinability in Excel.
  • View filter: Especially when working together on an Excel document, it is often important to be able to display only certain views - e.g. your own, to get a better overview. The filter view can now be used to hide the sortings and filters of other users.

New Outlook features in Office 2016 for Mac

Mac users who enjoy using Outlook to organise email and appointments will appreciate the following new features that not only sort the daily flood of email, but also make it easier to find content and documents.

  • File attachments overview: If you want to send an e-mail with a file attachment, Outlook 2016 for Mac displays all recently used documents clearly in a list.
  • Share documents: OneDrive Mac users can easily share documents with others, including customising sharing permissions for reading, editing, and more.
  • Clutter function: This tool is an important aid for sorting large volumes of email and thus separating the wheat from the chaff: It automatically sorts unimportant e-mails into a separate folder and sends a daily summary of the e-mails stored there via Outlook so that they are not overlooked.
  • Simplified search: To change the current folder or mailbox when searching for content, all you have to do is change the search using the "New search area" drop-down list.

New PowerPoint features in Office 2016 for Mac

The new Outlook features in Office Standard for Mac include handy ways to improve time management during a presentation and to highlight content more clearly:

  • Timetracking: Eliminate the stress of presentations with tight deadlines: Time-tracking improves time management and helps to make efficient use of a given presentation period by showing the time available during the presentation, allowing users to react and adjust their presentation at any time.
  • More concise notes via brush tool: Instead of using a laser pointer or even a stick during a presentation to point out certain elements or sequences, users can now use the integrated brush tool to draw the attention of the audience by highlighting important elements in color. This only happens in presentation mode, so the original PowerPoint file remains unchanged.
  • Share function: The Share function in PowerPoint has been improved so that presentations can now be published even more easily and quickly via social media.

New OneNote features in Office 2016 for Mac

OneNote - the notebook from Office, makes jotting down, editing and sharing important ideas with others even more convenient:

  • Share notebooks: All relevant information about a project, such as photos, drawings, videos, etc., can be collected centrally in the new OneNote and synchronized with others, improving project collaboration.
  • Inserting videos: Even videos from Vimeo and YouTube can now be easily integrated into a page with OneNote.
  • Create notes directly on a website: Mac users using Microsoft's Edge browser can easily write notes or markups on a web page and share them with OneNote.

System requirements for Office 2016 for Mac Standard

Office 2016 for Mac is only available in the 64-bit version. In addition, the retail version of Office 2016 for Mac is not available for iOS on iPhones.

  • Processor: Intel processor
  • Operating system: Mac OS, at least version 10.10 (Yosemite) up to version Mac OS 10.12.6 (Sierra)
  • Working memory: at least 4 GB RAM
  • Hard disk space: 6 GB in HFS+ format (also: Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus)
  • Display: at least 1,280 x 800

MS Office 2016 for Mac at a reasonable price in the online shop at Wiresoft

At Wiresoft you will find the Standard Office 2016 for Mac - with the integrated applications:

  • Word 2016
  • Excel 2016
  • PowerPoint 2016
  • Outlook 2016
  • OneNote 2016

When you purchase the Standard of Office 2016 for Mac, Wiresoft offers you the following additional benefits in addition to our low price for used software:

  • With the purchase of each Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Standard, Wiresoft provides you with a software product that is exclusively used by yourself.
  • Each license of an Office software used by a first-time buyer was deleted when it was sold to Wiresoft, so that it is 100% free and usable again.
  • The individual licenses for Office for Mac, which originate from volume licenses, have been thoroughly tested by Wiresoft to ensure that they can be used properly.
  • As a serious software reseller, Wiresoft does not offer test versions in its online shop which are valid for a limited period of time or which have restricted functions.
  • Whenever you buy from Wiresoft, you can always be absolutely sure that you are buying an original Microsoft software product which complies with the legally valid regulations, so that you are not in a legal grey area under any circumstances.

If you have any questions about purchasing Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Standard or any other available Microsoft software products, please contact us by email, phone or chat.

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